Help, Alienware motherboard not detecting new hard drives?

Help, Alien-ware motherboard not detecting new hard drives? My brothers old Alien-ware laptop had 2 hard drives in raid 0 but one failed. He bought 2 new hard drives but the mother board doesn't detect them. He can hook up an external hard drive and it sees it. He thinks the motherboard is bad but he paid over 4 grand for it new way back when, and I'd hate to see him chunk it. Any advice on what to look at?
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  1. Try to update the bios. Download it from dell website directly.
  2. check the ide ports where the hard drive hooks into the motherboard see if there are any obvious defects that appear such as : burns or bent pins or blockages where the pins go in if it is a serial on the internal ide port just look it over the best you can with a magnifier
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