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I have a Sony HVR HDV V1U camera. I am having difficulty getting the PC to recognize the Camera and content through a 4pin fire wire. The PC is an Acer
with Vista OS. I don't know if it's the fire wire (which is 6pin from the PC) or the Camera out put setting. is there a simple solution or do I need to get a 4pin to 4 pin card to get it to recognize.
Thanks for any support,
Paul Johnson
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  1. The 4-pin fire wire link is something Sony does, go figure. I have used an old Digital 8 firewire sony with XP and a 6 wire card and I had no issues.

    Are your firewire drivers installed?
    Have you installed the camera software?
    Have you tried other firewire devices?
    Have you tried another camera with your video editing software?
    Is there some setting you need to set when connecting it? Sorry I cannot look at the pdf manual where I am at the moment. THere should be a connecting to a PC section.
    If you have done everything correctly then you might want to try Sony support, especially considering the cost of that camera.
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