Australian Internet filter gets a green light

The cyber-safety measures announced today include:

1. Introduction of mandatory ISP-level filtering of Refused Classification (RC) –rated content.
2. A grants program to encourage the introduction of optional filtering by Internet Service Providers, to block additional content as requested by households.
3. An expansion of the cyber-safety outreach program run by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Cyber-Safety Online Helpline – to improve education and awareness of online safety.

The Government is also introducing new transparency measures to ensure the public can have absolute confidence in the process for material being placed on the RC Content list.

Also, here's the official report on the filter:
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  1. Haha, no porn for you, at least not the good stuff.
  2. Your opinion was not sanctioned foo!
  3. VPN's might become a big business in the next few years. :D
  4. Nothing like a little Gov't control for the adults, you think about porn, I am thinking about the "alternative" news, some may call it the truth
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