How do I dual boot windows 7/8?

I assume I partition part of the Hard Drive for windows 8. Then I install Windows 8 onto the new partition. Then I can choose between which OS I want to load.
Do I need a dvd/flash drive to do this? all the tutorials I've seen use dvd disk to do this on. Do I need a dvd disk or can I do it without?
Also how much space does windows 8 take up?
Please help. Thanks! :)
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    Yes, you create a new partition and install on that. If you try to install on the Windows 7 partition it will simple archive the main folders/files and replace the installation.

    There are a plethora of guides on how to install Windows from a flash drive, including how to transfer your iso file to the flash drive. just google it.

    I would go with the same minimum space as Windows 7, about 16-20GB.
  2. Have you thought about setting up a Win 8 virtual machine with VMWare Player?
  3. Damn double post. Sorry
  4. Ok so pretty much I'm gonna transfer the ISO file to the flash drive,then open up the BIOS and change the boot order so the flash drive is first. Then I'm going to install windows 8 onto my new partition. Does that sound right?
  5. You could consider also installing Windows 8 to VHD.

    VirtualHardDisk is just a file on HDD - you don't need a special partition and so avoid partitioning problems while resizing, deleting partitions. lists detailed steps.
  6. I was able to make a seperate partition and install win8 to it no problem. Thanks for all the help and suggestions! I'll consider VM next time. For those interested win8 64bit takes up 15gb exact.
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