Can I hook my ps3 up to my Sony laptop?

My ps3 stopped detecting discs, No warrenty so I got a new one. Now I have an extra ps3 that I want to hook up to my sony laptop. The plan is to play download games off the PSN on it. (only have internet in the computer room so I can't just get it on the other ps3 or I would have)

Its a VGN-FW11S

Has a HDMI port on it never used it but I would assume its output, just asking since it is a Sony laptop.
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  1. You can hook your PS2 up to your Sony laptop. But not by using the HDMI video output.

    You'll need to setup a network connection and enable file sharing. Wired or wireless router required.
    Or you might possibly use a USB cable (laptop to PS3) if you can find the right type.
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