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Looking for advice on buying my daughter her own first camera for xmas, shes using mine at the moment which is a fujifilm finepix s1730, as shes really getting into photography i wanted to get her a better one than that. i was thinking of the canon sx40 or nikon d3000 but am worried about paying out that much money if there not much difference that what i already have and could let her have
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  1. The Canon SX40 is a bridge type camera while the Nikon D3000 is an compact DSLR. I said compact it's due to the used of APS sensor. And your Fuji s1730 is also a Bridge camera.

    If you want her to grow on something better then a compact camera then a DSLR camera would be a better upgrade. Your choice would be mirrored or mirror less dslr. read more info on the links below. Skip it if you already knew that.
  2. Whats your budget? I'd say go DSLR, but we can make a recommendation if we dont know how much your willing to spend.
  3. Thanks for the replies...i wanted to get a slr but the lenses are so expensive ( and shes only nearly 13 ). My budget started at 250-300 but slowly went down, i brought her a nikon l810 a few days ago on sale at £140, i wasnt sure at first but for her age i think i may have been aiming to high? Im very happy with it though as the zoom is really good and overall much better than my fuji shes been using, im sure she'll soon suss it out on christmas day :)
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