I need to switch from rgb to ypbpr on a mitsubishi ws 55859

When I had to repair my mitsubishi ws 55859, blinkin green light of death, replaced to capacitors on the dm board and power board, and now I have no red or green color. It is the same thing as when I first hooked up the first hd box years ago. I called Mitsubishi and they told me how to switch from rgb to ypbpr and that fixed it. No one at mitsubishi can remember how to do that. It is hooked to a Cisco IPN 4320 set top hdbox, which worked fine before the blinking green light started. Can anyone help, with step by step instructions if possible. I am not a tech, I am just tired of blue and yellow.
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  1. Blue and yellow picture normally indicates a failed component video cable. Wiggle it, swap it - chances are it will come back.

    The settings you're asking about normally result in a flooded pink or green picture. Hit menu, go to Audio/Video, input assignment, and change the DTV input to YPbPr.
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