Hey guys,

I have a new LG W2361w 1920x1080 screen.... but when im on my desktop .. it says its running at 1920x1080 but its not using about an inch on each side of the monitor.... so the wont used the full monitor but when i run a game... it will use the entire screen?... i just cant figure it out...... please help guys thanks!
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  1. all the "......" make your post kinda hard to read. if you are saying that there are black bars on both sides of the monitor while in desktop but not while you are in a game it sounds like a issue with your desktop settings.

    but if you are saying that you have the bars during desktop and during games that would make me think that this is a monitor issue, defect, or just some thing to do with your settings(such as a first time configure or setup for your new monitor)

    also when you are in a game does the picture look like it is squeezed into those black bars or are the bars just cutting off some of the screen.

    edit: PS- i dont know if it will help but my monitors usually come with a cd with drivers in it, if you havent installed your drivers you might want to look into that.
  2. thanks for you feed back. I tried installing the drivers and it still doesnt work. again, when your on the desktop, it wont used the full screen (it wont use like an inch from every side top and bottom) but if i rin a game like company of heros or monopoly it will used the entire screen.

    at first i thougth it was because i was using a dvi from my pc to hdmi converter, but why would it run the games at full screen but when im back on the desktop it wont

    but if i lower my resolution to 1280x1068 it well use the entire screen but will look streched.

    i dont know what the heck is going on ! the only think i could think of is the cable
  3. This might be a dumb question but is your walpaper centered or stretched? If it's centered it will be in the middle of your screen and the rest of the screen will be filled with black. Sorry that's the only other thing I can think of.

    Edit: you mentioned lowering the resolution and the screen filling out so this very well might just be a wallpaper issue. Try to place an icon on the black part of your screen. If you can than it's your wallpaper

  4. nope.. im not that dumb, it was not the wallpaper... what i did was change to cable to dvi... and it fixed the issue... thanks for all ur help!
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