SSD main drive windows reinstall.

I am asking this question since this is my first compter with an SSD primary drive. I have a 120gb ssd primary and a 3TB mechanical split into 2 partitions 1 500gb for apps and the rest is storage. I want to reformat my Windows installtion drive. But what i'm curious about is how is this going to effect the apps i have installed on the mechanical drive. Will this cause issues with windows references not running the apps properly.
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  1. Hi jking82, I don't think you should have a problem doing so. You may have to recreate some paths, as "windows" forgot them but you won't lose much.

    I did the same things a few days ago :D
  2. when you install app. there are information that are save in the windows drive. So yes, if you reinstall windows, you will need to reinstall apps too.
  3. Well, the apps are all run from Windows although the program files are stored on the HDD, so if you re-install Windows presumably you'll have to re-install the apps...
  4. The apps are physically installed on the mechanical drive but there are references to them in program files. i also do know that there are some installed on the c:drive i know those will need to be reinstalled
  5. Probably best to re-install everything to save yourself grief in the long term. I know there are those out there that can tweak Registry entries etc. to avoid installing, but I doubt there's much time saved...
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