MN: Lot of 20+ pins for sale - misc. parts:: $12,500

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I just ran across this on a local website, posted this afternoon. NOTE:
I have no connection whatsoever to this sale - just thought somebody
might be interested.


Here's the link:

Here are some specifics (all pasted from the mnpinball website):

I shop the pins by removing all playfield parts, clean, wax, and
rerubber with bright white rubbers and install new ball(s).

Judge Dredd
Removed everything from playfield, cleaned and waxed, reassembled -
looks good. Cab fade. Includes extra ramp (the big one) and plastics.

Gold Wings
100% working and shopped with new rubbers and balls. Don't tell anyone,
but it's one of my favorites ;) Machine is in average overall condition.

James Bond
James Bond
One works, one doesn't. Both in good condition. I bought the pair in
order to make a sweet Bond for the collection and sell a really nice one
- haven't gotten around to it. Glass and playfields are in good

Split Second
Playfield is in great condition - cleaned and waxed. Glass has flaking
in flesh tones. Have an extra power supply for machine. Project.

Shopped and working 100%. Had it on eBay for $1250 but shipping was a
deal breaker. I had several offers for $1000, but the machine is too
nice for a fire sale.

Solar Ride
Project - needs to be shopped. Working board set. Good condition.

Joker Poker
Project - playfield cleaned and waxed. Working board set. Playfield good
condition - glass minor flaking in flesh tone.

Shopped working 100%. Great game, fast play. Backglass and playfield in
good condition. Backglass sealed with Triple Thick

Working 100%, has not been shopped. Cabinet repainted because previous
owner's wife didn't like original! Believe it or not, it looks good!
Glass and playfield in great condition.

Has Ni-wumpf installed, needs sound board. Works 100% but has not been

Some dimwit decided to hard solder the connector to the MPU. Not a huge
issue since most Sys1 need to be repinned, but what a pain. Project
needs to be shopped - in excellent condition.

Roller Disco
Shopped and working 100%. Fun game with great art and colors.

Project machine that will need some special care. Sad to say, but might
be a parts machine only. Backglass is in good condition - sealed with
Triple Thick.

Beat The Clock (EM)
Working 100% and shopped. Animated backglass. Playfield wear by the
kickout holes.

Brand new translite as the glass is poor. Playfield is in great
condition. Fun machine that works on dimes. High collector value - rare

Spin Out
Glass has minor flaking - sealed with Triple Thick. Playfield and
cabinet in good condition. Shopped and working 100%

Dealer's Choice
Complete project. Playfield shows the use of cheap Williams paint from
the era as it has worn (not to the wood). Have played games on it but
score motor just keeps spinning currently.

Big Deal
Playfield is in great condition as it was the test subject of the
Treasure Cove polishing kit. Playfield has not been reassembled. Should
work when reassembled - or need minor contact adjustments. Glass has
been sealed to prevent future flaking.

100% working and shopped. Fun game that looks cool - brand new chrome

Surf Champ
A mint condition machine that will make a collector drool. Great
playfield and backglass. Saw one go for over a $1000 on eBay and this
machine is far superior.

Project that was working when I bought it. I cut the unsafe power cord -
but I have 12 other brand new power cords included in the lot, so should
be easy to replace ;) Backglass is broken but it's pre-tempered glass so
it can be glued back together. I have the pieces (included when I bought
the machine).

Forgot about these two, they are included in the lot:

Close Encounters
Has Ni-wumpf board installed. Working 100% and shopped. Average
condition overall. Have a second complete playfield if one wanted to
spend the time to swap it out.

Blue Chip
Working 100% and shopped. Glass is in great condition. Playfield is
poor. However, I have a second complete playfield that I purchased to
replace the other. Take one out, put the other in, plug and play. Would
require a light cleaning and waxing.

Backglasses and Playfields:
Sys1 backglasses are framed (Countdown, Charlie's Angels, Pinball Pool,
Solar Ride and multiples of each). There is a Farfalla backglass but it
is missing a 2" x 2" section in the lower corner. Great wall art. In
fact, the backglasses were purchased to display on the wall (where they
are today). Same with the playfields, they are hanging on the shop walls
and look great. Probably not candidates for a swap - but look great in
the shop.

Misc. Parts:
New rubbers, new balls, switches, coils (later era Williams/Bally), coin
boxes, bolts, aprons, boards, power supplies, manuals, wax, plastics,
locks and keys, power cords, etc.

Also, there is a Midway Gun Fight that is included if you want it.

I had a half dozen people ask about breaking up the lot and selling
individual machines - but if I wanted to do that I'd post on eBay. I can
forward their information to you if your intent is to resell.

Feel free to call 218.731.4565
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Looks like Robert Fitzgerald's collection. Wow, he's getting out?

    He always had games up for sale on Mr pinball, I think this one is on there
    as well.

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