Dsc 200 packard bell

i need a dsc for my camera packard bell 200
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  1., select your country, go from there based on your exact model, download the webcam drivers for your OS, install them.
  2. need info on packard bell dsc 200 why compact flash what does it do replace memory card or does it need to operate the flash wich is not working when i take a photoe serieal 305000615 734873 ? can't find out about it lost instructions
  3. Oh, it's a Camera. As you can see, the forum is "Computer Brands". Compact Flash IS a type of memory card, I think right now only older cameras use it. If the flash is not working, make sure it's turned on.
  4. i took photo with it ok but did not see a flash
  5. jellowelsie1 said:
    i took photo with it ok but did not see a flash

    Did you check in options to make sure the flash is enabled? Is it dark enough for the flash to go off? If it's broken need to get it repaired at a shop or get a new one. New one is probably cheaper.
  6. no but i will try thank you happy new year to all
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