XW8000 vs DX2200

I have recently finsihed rebuilding a DX220 which is maxed out (no overclock) with a 3 GHz Dual Core Processor, at 800FSB and 2 GB (Max) of RAM, and a SSD. The machine has native SATA

The XW8000 is maxed out with 3.2 GHZ 533 FSB DUAL (2) HT xeons, 4 GB of RAM and an SSD. However the XW800 boots via IDE / SATA adaptor (possible bottle neck)

Both machine are running on 32 bit XP, and are used for genral officey website building stuff.
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  1. Ehhh, that's a pretty cool story.

    But what's the problem?
  2. XW8000 vs DX2200 the clue is in the VS
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