Soundblaster or not?

Hello,jinx..the wierd sounds from sblaster card.. have platinum ex mking sort of intermittent beeps and pops like it's selecting single notes from from a keyboard effects bank then whole thing drops out? Is this common with sblaster? about to upgrade and not sure which card to go with Colin
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    I was a SB user for many many years. I no longer am due to thier increasingly unreliable drivers and support. Not to mention the all the unwanted software installed to run thier hardware.

    If you need a recording gradel sound card, I'd recomment the M Audio 2496.

    If you want just a regular sound card, I'd recommend the Asus Xonar line.
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  3. Thanks mchaelst spent $110 on servicing Friday brought the rig home hooked up and absolutely nothing ..The card is the Platinum ex about five yrs old I guess ..this time techie said "maybe sound card fault" ..Will check out the M audio first if its in my range I'll go that way.. Thanks again
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