I cant email photos via outlook on windows 7 why not?

I can get the pix attached to an email in outlook 2010, but it won't let me mail them. says they are unsafe. They are my pix and never been anywhere to get corrupted. How do I get past this problem?
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  1. You could compress them in a .zip file, WinZip is a free trail so search google for it and download it, then create a zip file with all the photos you want to send and send the zip file.

    EDIT: actually you dont even need winzip, just highlight all your photos and right click them, select "send to->" and then select compressed (zip) file and Windows shoudl put them all in a zip file for you.
  2. live mail permit to send picture by skydive check this
  3. what is the extension? is it the actual picture or a webpage or link ? try testing with a single jpg
  4. Are you using an ISP or a corporate Exchange server. Exchange is very picky about what files you attach to an email message.
  5. As a couple of previous posters have hinted, it depends on where the block is taking place. Getting it lifted may not be possible. One option is to simply rename the files, changing the .jpg extension to something else (e.g. .gpj). Then just have the recipient rename them back to .jpg.
  6. Email has a limit of file size that you can send. If they are high megapixel images they are to big.
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