Question: Are T-Bred 'A's THAT bad?

What if I were to aquire a T-Bred 'A' XP 1800+ cheap? Would it be worth a damn? I'm still running PC133 RAM here for heaven's sake, so I'm not going to overclock too much. But can the T-Bred 'A' be OCed more or less than palimino?

I think by he end of this semester, I will have enough parts to remake my Duron 1300, in a different case (which I already have).

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  1. Yes, it would be fine, but why would you spend the the time LOOKING for a Tbred A? Honestly, most of the newer Athlons that AMD is putting out are based on the Tbred B and Barton cores, while they are trying to phase out just about all the older ones, including all of the Durons (save for some laptops I believe).

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  2. As for overclocking, the t-bred a is about the same as the polimino. I think it got stuck at the XP2200+ rating. I wouldn't worry about that if you say you aren't doing much overclocking.

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  3. Snazzy, because I got one for 60 bucks yesterday (including shipping to alaska). What I don't get, is how two COMPLETELY different processors would stop OC at same speed. The palamino is .18 micron and the t-bred is .13 micron.

    This is the only info I got on the unit before purchase (time was running out on ebay)


    I do believe the LT3C means T-Bred 'A', while a LU3C would be a 'B'.

    The 'T' and the'U' designate max voltage I think... right?

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  4. Well.....i've got 2 T-Bred's in my house hold.....

    1 is a T-Bred 'A' 1800+ and the other is a T-Bred 'B' 1700+

    The 1800+ T-Bred 'A' is in my server computer with an A7V133 Motherboard based off the Via KT133A Chipset....right now with 1.625 VCore being pumped into running it with a Multiplier of 12.5 and a FSB of 153MHz.....thats 1913MHz...roughly 1.9GHz......That would turn out to be an Athlon XP 2300+ if one has the Retail HSF with some paste thats slightly better than AS3....and its running 100% full load at this speed at 43 Degrees Celcious......This is a T-Bred 'A'....Id push it higher but to get multipliers above 12.5 id have to physically alter the chips L3 bridges....and thats the highest the PC-133 SDRAM will take.....not to bad for a stock 1800+ chip factory unlocked....

    Now my T-Bred 'B' 1700+ which is on an ASUS A7S333 motherboard....this chip is a beauty....even thoguh its only running at 1940Mhz...its doing so at Default i cant adjust the Voltage with this motherboard...not that i need to anyways......i cant chaneg multipliers above 12.5 without physically altering this chip just like the T-Bred 'A' and it doesnt run at a higher FSB speed than 155MHz....this chipset also doesnt have a 1/5th divider for the PCI bus......she runs full load with a TT Volcano 7+ HSF and a Volcano 7's fan ontop with fan at full speed at 28-29 Degrees celcious......

    My server computer HAD an Athlon XP 1600+ Palomino in it...i could never squeeze anymore than 1680MHz out of the thing......thats a 280MHz Overclock.....thats a Palomino...and it was a Week 51 of 2001.....AGNGA Id say the T-Bred 'A' overclocks better than the Palomino does....maybe not by a big margin but it does....and runs cooler for sure.....

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  5. Naaa... It should be fine.

    Personally I think a lot of hair splitting and "I like mine best" really clouds these discussions.

    I've got an 1800 palimino in my current system... does a great job.

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  6. Yeah, I'm dropping this CPU into a KT7E (KT133E) MOBO to replace this unlockable Duron 1300. I'm bored with 1417 MHz, and I don't like my PCI bus speed higher than 36 (its at 37 right now I think). Because the Duron 1300 can't be unlocked, I'm stuck with a 100 FSB, plus 9 (overclocking). I do have the option of running my RAM at CPU + PCI speed, so my RAM is at 145 MHz.

    The beauty about my RAM at 145 MHz, is that I got this RAM at Fred Meyer (really cheap RAM in other words). I think I payed a total of 80 bucks for a 128, 256 and a 512 meg chip (totaling 896 MB).

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