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I'm looking to put together a new PC - it's not going to be anything too fancy, but I definitely require a add-in sound board to do some processing for gaming and hobbyist audio apps. The issue I keep running in to with EVERY card that I look at seems to be drivers for Windows 7. Every single board I look at has forums or reviews flooded with users having driver issues with Windows 7 (64 bit, particularly).

Cards I've looked at include:

Creative's X-Fi Series (NewEgg, Forums)
Platinum Fatality - NewEgg
XtremeGamer - NewEgg
Titanium - NewEgg
Official Forums - Windows 7 Forum, SoundBlaster Forum

Asus Xonar series
D2X - Official Forums, NewEgg
D2 - NewEgg,
All Others - Official Forum

Auzentech X-Fi series
HomeTheater HD - NewEgg, Official Forums
Prelude - Official Forums
Bravura - Official Forums, NewEgg

Diamond XtremeSound
NewEgg, Official Forums - Nevermind, apparently they got rid of their forums. Good move, IMHO.
Personal Experience - I own one and I've had problems with garbled VOIP in Windows XP. In 7 and XP, I've had problems with the card not multitasking properly; certain apps cause the card to go haywire and switch into chipmunk sound-mode. In their defense, I haven't checked for driver updates in about 3 months, but I doubt the situation has improved much.

Now, I know that I'm simply pointing out the worst of the worst with these links. However, I have a good reason for doing this: I use the hell out of my hardware. Not in the sense that I abuse it, but I do tend to use ALL of the features of my hardware, not just a hand full. I don't want to install the thing just to find that a feature that I needed is broken and will probably stay broken for the next year or two - or worse, the company comes out with a "new" piece of hardware that supposedly works. I've been down that road with sound cards before and I don't care for it.

All that being said, can anyone recommend a card or company that actually has their (expletive deleted) together as far as drivers go?
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  1. The Xonar line is fine; some "minor" driver issues when 7 first came out, but everythings been working fine for a while now. Creative...still has the same issues we've been complaining about for the past several years...Can't say anything about Auzentech personally.
  2. plus one on Asus Xonar line. I've not had any problems at all with mine.
  3. I use the XtremeGamer on W7 x64 with all games, AC3/DTS codec in kmplayer, foobar2000, audacity - etc and never had any issues at all! Rock solid. Yes, you will find many "bad" posts about whatever hardware - but keep in mind generally ppl post complaints, not praises. No doubt some ppl have driver issues, but I guarantee those people have no idea about computers - and they probably install every single "tool bar" and "free scan" that they come accross! Soundblaster has native W7 32 and 64 drivers.
  4. So, I manned up and got the Xonar D1 - they appeared to have their house in order. And I was not disappointed - this is a kickass card. Thanks for the recommendation, guys.
  5. avoid teh auzentech hometheatre HD its got way way too many problems.
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