Gateway flexatxstc bro essential 733c

I happen to have aquired an old gateway flexatxstc bro essential 733c. i would like to update or upgrade the bios and even find drivers for the computer. i checked gateways site and nothing no mention of the computer anywhere on the site. I do know that without the original hard drive in the computer your unable to access the bios and i wonder if its fixed in later bioses or what. if anyone can help let me know.
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  1. While that PC is a bit neat in the fact that it's old and still works, you won't get any updates for it past what it has already.

    You should be able to get into the BIOS without the hard-drive, try hitting F1.
  2. i have tried f1 and it doesnt do anything at all just the tab key does to be able to tell me any bios error messages like no keyboard or mouse or the fact that if there is a boot issue that i need to use a cd rom for. i got windows me to work on the computer but the issue i have is that i dont have the driver for the built in modem on it
  3. Do you actually use the modem? See if you can get that from the motherboard vendor directly, look for the model of it on the board.
  4. i prefer to have all the drivers installed rather then not. the drivers are hard to find since mostly gateway doesnt have them and intel only has the video driver for the machine. the chipset is an 810 intel chipset socket 370 and the video chipset or number is an 82810. the audio is an ac97 idk much more then ac97 and the fact that it doesnt say who made the ac97 audio. the modem driver comes up with a yellow exclamation and says pci device under unknown device
  5. Hard to find drivers for that thing, if they are not floating around the internet, not much to be done with it.
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