Omid, A Troubled Soul

I think Omid could use a cup of herbal tea and a long vacation. Normally I at least halfway agree with his columns/rants. This time though, reality seems to be a little beyond him. A 40 point rant at that... Yikes! The only thing worse is a 40 point response, so suffer or ignore. ;)

<font color=purple>1. I believe, with all my heart, that the purpose of sites like THG is to challenge the establishment. </font color=purple>

And here I was thinking that the purpose of THG and other hardware sites was to just give us the truth and say it as it is. You don't have to 'challenge' the establishment to do that. In fact, if 'the establishment' happens to be <i>right</i> in the first place, then you should be <i>agreeing</i> with 'the establishment'.

<font color=purple>2. The establishment is the bloated, anachronistic PC industry that seems to think that a little more performance, or another Microsoft OS release, are all it takes to get an upgrade cycle going, and with it, double digit growth.</font color=purple>

Um, yeah. Short of the early 80s and earlier when people hobbled together PCs from kits, that pretty much describes what the PC industry has always been and probably will always be. Well, except that it wasn't always Microsoft. (Especially in the early years when Commodore, Apple, and IBM were all trying to flog each other with wet noodles while Atari pretended to be something that it wasn't.)

<font color=purple>3. Forums where ideologues congregate and hijack communities are the establishment.</font color=purple>

I'm not sure that I'm even following the logic here. Is Omid trying to say that forums like at are 'the estabilshment' and not just the loony-bins that we all know they are? Or is he trying to say that actual good forums are being over-run by fanboys? Either way, I'm having problems believing in <i>either</i> as 'the establishment'.

<font color=purple>4. The establishment is the belief in the two party system: AMD versus Intel, Nvidia versus ATI. </font color=purple>

What about PC vs. Apple, injek vs. laser, USB vs. Firewire, Creative Labs vs. every other sound card manu, CRT vs. LCD, or even IDE vs. SCSI? Honestly, has Omid been oblivious through all of these years, even before AMD made their first Athlon? Or is he just trying to say that anyone who actually likes to compare ideologies is by default an ideologue and therefore a sinner? Again, neither speaks very well for him.

<font color=purple>5. It's over. The PC industry is an industry. Like the car industry. Like the steel industry. Same set of players, year in, year out. Same dymanics. Same results. Lowered expectations.</font color=purple>

1) What's over?
2) Uh, duh. When was it ever not?
3) Lowered expectations imply that we had higher expectations in the first place, which is pretty silly if you ask me.

We all <i>should</i> know by now that the PC industry itself as a whole is nothing special. If we want special, it is up to the enthusiast to build their PC from specific hand-picked parts and <i>not</i> rely upon the PC industry to get them there.

<font color=purple>6. No surprise that I worry enthusiasm in the PC industry is going to die.</font color=purple>

PC enthusiasts have <i>always</i> been an incredibly small minority. They always will be. The average person doesn't care any more about the insides of their computer than they do the insides of their car, their furnace, their clothes washer, their TV, etc. ad infinitum. The only thing that's changed is Omid's perceptions. (Or not. Maybe he's just always been worried.)

<font color=purple>7. I worry that THG, and sites like THG, are not doing enough to prepare for a future where overclocking and case modding are quaint pastimes, and best of class performance is a decadent folly.</font color=purple>

Prepare for the future? Replace 'decadent folly' with 'self-indulgent excess' (which is hardly a stretch to do so) and you're describing the past and present with stunning accuracy. Why should the future be any different? I'd really like to know in what world Omid lives in...

<font color=purple>8. Technology, and its wholesale impact on our lives, should not be confused with the PC industry.</font color=purple>

This could be the first point of his that I actually agreed with.

<font color=purple>9. I am not saying technology has seen its better days. I am saying the PC industry has.</font color=purple>

Well, yeah. I have to agree again.

Microsoft is pissing everyone off. The only closest competition (if you can even call if that) comes in the form of Linux. Yet Linux enthusiasts don't want their precious OS 'dumbed down' to a level that most people would need to use it so that it can <i>be</i> competitive. The CPU race war is long over and AMD lost. nVidia flubbed their latest product launch. Creative Labs has yet to convince audiophiles that it can meet their needs. DVD burners are <i>still</i> overly expensive. An actually decent RAM type to solve all of our woes has yet to rise from the ashes of the chaos and bedlam that is the current memory industry. Yeah. The PC industry has seen better days, and short of the economy, it's pretty much purely the PC industry's fault.

<font color=purple>10. I don't know what we can do about it, but we should try to do more. It would be better if we all tried to do more. I don't believe enough people in tech publishing are doing enough.</font color=purple>

Short of buying out companies like Microsoft, Red Hat, Intel, AMD, nVidia, and Creative Labs, I don't think there <b>IS</b> anything that either tech people in publishing <i>or</i> PC enthusiasts can do. The PC industry dug most of its own grave, and unless the economy suddenly bursts with excess money only the PC industry can dig itself back out. Sorry Omid, but I don't see what articles can possibly do to change <i>that</i>.

<font color=purple>11. I don't know why I have to really care about one AMD CPU over one Intel CPU when there are bigger issues to address. Those people who do are marring progress. They're the New Luddites.</font color=purple>

Well, I'm so glad to see that we're no longer allowed to do competetive shopping. No more researching and comparing products folks. From now on tech reviews will no longer involve benchmarks for comparison. Anyone who dares to compare, research, and competetively shop for their technology is now officially branded as someone who "opposes technical or technological change".

Sorry, but either Omid needs to re-examine his statement, or he's <i>really</i> lost touch with reality. What else is a tech-review site to do but compare products and give us the truth on how they really stack up?

<font color=purple>12. A friend of mine sells MIS applications. He walks into a company to pitch a sale worth $750,000 for his software alone. He goes in with a guy who is providing the hardware, about $6 million worth. The man making the purchasing decision at this company sits through 2 hours of a presentation of which only 15 minutes is taken up by the hardware guy. My friend is a little perplexed, and the company decision maker turns around and says, "He's just selling tin."</font color=purple>

Perhaps 'He's just selling tin.' wasn't the best explanation, but it sounds pretty reasonable to me. If you want a server you can go to any number of resellers, and a LOT of them offer similar x86 platforms. There's hardly any originality among <i>them</i>. Only if you're going for a 64-bit system do you even have to consider specific hardware vendors. The software on the other hand is what is original and unique. Without the software, whether $6 million or $6 hundred, your hardware is nothing more than a conversational piece of modern art or a door stop. For the most part, software provides the means and hardware just provides the performance of that means. Yes, the hardware is necessary, but so long as it's good hardware, the hardware is hardly the important part of the sales pitch.

<font color=purple>We have many choices at this time, you and I: we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend things will get better again: sometime, somehow. We can try and come up with ways of making things better, no matter how tough that may be. We can say, to hell with it, and retreat into our own safe communities, and throw rocks at anyone who doesn't leave us to graze peacefully in our corner of the field.</font color=purple>

Or we can accede the simple fact that the two factors for the way that things are go as follows:
1) The economy is in a slump.
2) The PC industry is making a mockery of itself. For example:
Microsoft is ignorning and pissing off its own customers. The Linux community is as much of a joke as a savior. Intel and AMD are no longer racing, as AMD hasn't been able to really compete for top-end performance in a good while, and has proclaimed that they're not even going to try to. AMD has delayed their ClawHammer five too many times. nVidia made a notable error. ATI is finally catching up to (and surpassing) nVidia in performance, but still has to catch market share to positively impact the PC industry. Creative Labs just doesn't know how to sell to anyone but mainstream, whom they already own anyway. The hard drive sector just lowered everyone's confidence in them by drastically cutting their waranties. (And by releasing a TON of bad hard disks and then not taking responsability for them.) Buying a v.92 modem is useless since ISPs aren't. Buying broadband access is still too expensive for a lot of people <i>and</i> still not available nearly as broadly as broadband enthusiasts would have you believe. Memory manufacturers haven't really come up with anything new in forever. The DDR market is overflooded. The RDRAM is underwhelmed thanks to the behaivor of Rambus and a lack of motherboards to use it.

So what <i>we</i> can do to help the PC industry pick up again remains to be seen. Should we hold a charity ball? Maybe we could hold a telathon? What the heck <i>can</i> anyone but the dolts who have screwed their own industry do? As for me, I intend to sit idly by wait for things to pick up again, as they undoubtedly eventually will, simply because there is <i>nothing</i> else that I <i>can</i> do. Worrying or trying to change anything at this point is nothing more than a waste of time and effort. And if I'm going to waste time and effort, I at least want to do it on something that I can enjoy.

<font color=purple>14. It is not our job to appease readers.
15. It is not our job to avoid conflict.
16. It is not our job to avoid debate.
17. It is not our job to court love letters from our readers.</font color=purple>

I can't argue with any of these. I completely agree. I however see it as a rather short list. I would also add:
* It is not our job to hock cheesy wares without a proper evaluation and especially without a comparison against similar products just because some company's PR department wants us to.
* It is not our job to fix the PC industry, because only the PC industry can do that.
* It is not our job to pick favorites amongst manufacturers.

<font color=purple>18. It is our job to say it as we see it, and suffer the consequences.
19. It is our job to stand up for ourselves.
20. It is our job to do the best we can.
21. It is our job to go for it, and fail trying. But we never stop trying.</font color=purple>

Again, I wouldn't argue with any of these. (Even if I don't fully comprehend just what exactly Omid meant in number 21.) I would however add to that list.
* It is our job to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Misdirection, obfuscation, and not-completely-untruths are not our bag, baby.
* It is our job to <i>fully</i> compare products of equal nature without bias and to the best of our abilities so that enthusiasts and consumers may go forth and purchase with wisdom.
* It is our job to report the <i>truth</i> on the PC industry, even if that means occasionally putting a company in the PC industry down.
* It is our job to at least occasionally spark enthusiasm in the enthusiasts.

<font color=purple>22. Your job is to enjoy the process. I can't see why you'd read something that you can't get into. Be it a review, or an Op Ed piece, or even a rant.</font color=purple>

Omid says rant as though Op Ed pieces ever were anything else. :-p Seriously though, yeah. But one must keep in mind that just because we <i>disagree</i> with something does not mean that we didn't enjoy reading it. (Or that we didn't enjoy debating it, talking about it, whining about it, or whatever.)

<font color=purple>23. If you don't enjoy the read then, don't read. I really, truly hope that helps some people get off their sanctimonious high-horses.
24. If you want safe, warm, and fuzzy feelings wrapped up in easily digestible homilies, watch Oprah.
</font color=purple>

Because, you know, the last people that are important to any publisher are the <b>readers</b>. Yeah Omid, way to aim that insult... as if you aren't skimming the clouds on your own sanctimonious high-horse. Ever hear of 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' or 'judge not lest ye be judged'? How about 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'?

You want others not to be on their soapboxes, yet you stand proud and tall on yours. You don't want to have to dish out only warm fuzzies, yet you whine that others aren't playing nicely by your warm fuzzy rules.

<font color=purple>25. My attacks on ExtremeTech were unorthodox, but I have my reasons. Do I think Ziff Davis is the big bad wolf? They betrayed the faith and support of this organization in a way that is unforgiveable.</font color=purple>

Unforgiveable is a strong word, but whatever. Your opinions are yours. I'm not going to argue there, even if I think you could have included a lot more information in your attack so that it could have made any sense at all.

<font color=purple>26. Do I take the Ziff Davis situation personally? Yes, because I was the person who went to bat for them, and made the decision to partner with them. I believe that sites like THG have changed the way technology is reported, for the better. Some people would rather see that spirit destroyed. I don't get it, and I do resent it.</font color=purple>

That's nice. I support changing the way that technology is reported for the better.

<font color=purple>27. Ziff Davis is my fight. You don't like it, don't read about it. You like to lie down and have someone jump on you with stiletto heels? That's your thing. Do whatever turns you on. Ziff Davis is my fight. Leave it at that.</font color=purple>

I have yet to see how any of the Ziff Davis stuff in any way equates to having 'someone jump on you with stiletto heels', but whatever floats your boat Omid.

<font color=purple>28. I don't believe that fanatics can be trusted. Fanboys are fanatics.</font color=purple>

I won't argue any with that. What I want to know is what this has to do with anything. I guess that's why they call it a rant.

<b>Chunky peanut butter doesn't help you overclock very well!</b>

Wow. I know that I feel better for having stated the obvious.

<font color=purple>29. I never could get through The Lord of the Rings. Apparently many people can.</font color=purple>

Again, see number 28. That aside, I have to say that I still think the writing style of the books <i>is</i> pretty dry. The story is good, but the writing style is just as boring as all hell. Heck if it weren't for Gimli, Sam, and Golum I'd have given up entirely on reading them.

If Omid means the movies though, well, it'd be pretty sad if he did since I don't think you'll ever find a much better fantasy moviemade, but whatever. To each their own.

<font color=purple>30. I believe that the very programmability that makes modern day GPUs so exciting is also what makes it impossible to separate one from another in terms of features and performance. It'll be a few years before we really understand the implications and impact of the programmable 3D graphics pipeline.</font color=purple>

A few years before? I don't know. I pretty much thought that DX9 was supposed to make the implications and impact pretty obvious. I give it a year to a year and a half, tops. That aside, how they affect <i>current</i> software in terms of quality and performance is incredibly easy to judge and quantify. Leave the future debates for the future and concentrate on the present now. I know that it's just such a hard concept to fathom and all...

<font color=purple>31. Therefore, graphics benchmarks will be debated for the next 18 months, to no avail, and become the battleground for internecine battles between commentators.</font color=purple>

Not until nVidia can't prove that they're not all suddenly incompetent they won't. Even then, I'm not sure anyone really cares all <i>that</i> much about the battles anymore.

<font color=purple>32. The Web killed meaningful product launches. There's too much control by companies, too much manipulation by PR folk, and too many sites vying to get a scoop to make it anything but a race to get a story posted. What are you going to do about it? Oh, yeah, feel like the first past the post is somehow making a difference. Wrong. We're all suckers, and the only winners are in PR.</font color=purple>

Welcome to journalism. If you don't like your job, try getting your own 'right wing chat show on Fox News'.

<font color=purple>33. I actually think very highly of Nick Stam at ExtremeTech, but then again, I like most male pattern baldness compadres. There's a lot of love in me, really.</font color=purple>

Too bad there isn't any of that love for your readers.

<font color=purple>34. I have never seen so many good people be out of jobs for so long in the PC business. The last thing to go is hope, and in some places, there ain't much of that left around. Why aren't we more distressed by that, or more angry, or more concerned?</font color=purple>

As a software engineer with over 7 years of on-the-job experience who has had to put up with and lost out on jobs to some of these no-talent java hacks that flooded the tech industry ever since the dot-com era came to a crashing stabalization in reality, I have very little sympathy for the way in which many barely-skilled people flooded and consequently ruined what had been a good work market. Does it anger or distress me though? Why should I waste my time being angry or distressed? Life moves on. It's the way that things have always been and likely always will be. IT jobs today, factory jobs yesterday, laboratory chemist jobs tomorrow, etc.

<font color=purple>35. I believe that everyone should have one true identifying email address. None of this free email crap. Just you, as you are. I'd love to see what people would really write if they had to back it up with their real identities. If you want to play a part in a fantasy then, you always have AOL chat rooms.</font color=purple>

And I'd like for ISPs to allow you to magically keep your same email address whenever you move. Since we live in reality, the first thing that I learned serving my country in the military was to get on board with that 'free email crap' so that my friends and family could always reach me at the same email address. But Omid, if you want to live in fantasy then you can just always go to AOL chat rooms and pretend that we all pay for access through annoying and overly-priced ISPs that cover the whole US, and then pretend that the whole US <i>is</i> the whole world.

The reality simply is that many people sign up for 'free email crap' because they move around a lot (or previously have moved), change their ISPs, or access their email through libraries, malls, cafes, etc. ad nausium. <b>That's</b> reality. Your idealism here is the fantasy. And if you want my real identity, then just go to my web page and find out.

<font color=purple>36. Venture Capital is not going to flow into PC-centric businesses. Recession or no recession. War or no war. The big payoff isn't there anymore. The PC industry is just another industry.</font color=purple>

Congrats Omid for finally saying something else that I can actually agree with. It's the way that it always <i>should</i> have been, but fads <i>do</i> tend to come and go.

<font color=purple>37. Does familiarity breed contempt? Too many guys going through college today know too much, or think they know too much, about PCs. Where's the impetus to drive them to innovate in the personal computing world? In my college days the PC was still an engineering project with possibilities. What more is possible on the desktop? Mobility, perhaps.</font color=purple>

1) Their impetus is the same as everyone else's. I don't see that <i>anything</i> has changed. I can remember a teacher that thought that <i>he</i> knew everything just because he learned to program on punch cards. Yet he still thought that deleting an icon in Windows 3.0 deleted the whole program because that's how it worked on a Mac. Nothing changes. There are always more possabilities. Anyone who can't see them just isn't looking. Anyone who doesn't think that they're there shouldn't even be in the business.

2) I <i>really</i> wish that supposed 'experts' would get off of this mobility and miniaturization crap. Let the <b>mobile</b> IT sector worry about size and mobility, and leave the mainstream PC sector to doing what they've always done: make things more powerful.

The day that I have special memory handling built into my CPU for accessing doubly-linked lists exceedingly rapidly, the day that I can do a real-time render of a complete forrest scene <i>without</i> using texture maps, the day that I can edit, compile, and run my code all simultaniously in real time, the day that my upgradability isn't limited to just one or two additional cards just so that I can be mobile or have a small PC, the day that my CPU can configure portions of it's own silicon on the fly (and without any latency delays) specifically for processing certain functions so that it's always 100% in use, <i>that's</i> the day that I'll saw we can divert more attention to mobile and miniaturized PCs.

<font color=purple>38. I write about what I think, or believe in. I don't write to stir up controversy. If I wanted to be controversial I would have my own right wing chat show on Fox News, and get paid handsomely for it.</font color=purple>

Of course. It's just convenient that all of what you think and believe in happens to be controversial. Yeah. Right. And all hunters only kill animals to feed their families. And all doctors are only in it to help people. And all politicians are only running so that they can make a difference in our lives. Right. No shady little ulterior movites or fringe benefits at work at all.

<font color=purple>39. I have yet to meet a person who can accurately tell me what's going to happen in the future.</font color=purple>

The sun will come up tomorrow. So too will the moon. Gravity will still be here. Politicians will still be shady. The world will still turn. I'd say that's a pretty accurate prediction of the future.

To be more specific however, if Omid means that he hasn't met an actual psychic, that's only because he hasn't actually looked. There are plenty of people who can answer specific questions about the future with at least an 80% accuracy. You just won't find them advertised on TV because they take their skills seriously.

<font color=purple>40. Yes, it is true. I am a 57 year old housewife who can trace her ancestry back to deposed Albanian royalty. One day I hope to open up my own pet grooming business and restore my family to the throne.</font color=purple>

And Omid can complain about people who use free email services living in a fantasy world? <i>Sheesh!</i>

To conclude, I admit that I may have plenty of spelling mistaks, typos, and Chaos only knows what else wrong in my post. That's life. It's imperfect. <i>Everything</i> is fallable to some extent. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is selling you something. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

Of course, I'm a fool and I don't believe otherwise, so that tells you something about just how foolish of a fool it makes one. ;)

In conclusion, live, dance, cavort, and be full of joy, for tomorrow may never come and yesterday is too late to fix. Omid, unless you're a rant junkey, maybe it's time you just chilled. Even for you, you're going off the deep end.

<font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
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  1. dude, youve lost it, so you dont agree with a published writing, get over it.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  2. What a waste of time. Atleast he was PAID for his rant.
  3. There's a poll asking if he should be fired. I personally think you all are crazy. Let him say whatever he wants. He's not hurting anybody. He's just ranting. I don't understand why people are all over him.

    Get over it. All of you.

    <font color=red>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">The French are being described as cheese-eating surrender monkeys.</A></font color=red>
  4. Like DH said, one of the reason for his rant, was that someone actually made a poll whether he should be fired, AND someone in the OTHER forum went all crazy on Omid for attack ZDNet.
    I suppose Omid just got angry at how some forum people really can't see the reality, and once again we see the whole fanboy thing.
    But while you raise some points, I still think he had a rant that I agreed with, and don't need to criticize it, because, it's a rant, a personal opinion thrown out.

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
  5. OK So now you both have posted your Rant. Feel Better????

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  6. Go to my poll about Omid:- <A HREF="" target="_new"> Should Tom Fire Omid? </A>

    <b> "You can put lipstick on a pig, but hey, it's still a pig!" - RobD </b>
  7. d00d, are you taking on a long winded tirade to prove yourself the superior in long winded tirades?

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  8. d00d, are you taking on a long winded tirade to prove yourself the superior in long winded tirades?

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  9. It's only diagnosed in kids, but I detect some signs of <A HREF="" target="_new">ODD</A>. Kidding, but seriously when did all the HW techs start wearing panties and why are they bunching up so much? Kidding Kidding. Seriously nice rant. You are the Anakin Skywalker of rants and you are starting to draw some power from the dark side.

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  10. [Yawn]

    <font color=blue>My sig, not yours</font color=blue>
  11. Gee, and I thought that techies were supposed to be smart...

    Obviously you're missing a couple of key points here:

    One, I have no problems with Omid ranting. I do think that he could use a vacation though. Normally his rants are enjoyable. This time though, they were really more just stupid and insulting than anything. That doesn't mean that I want him fired. It just means that I think he could use some rest and relaxation, away from the stress of his job.

    Two, while we're on the stress of his job, if he can't take it without going nuts like he did, then maybe he should be looking for a different one. There are plenty of less stressful jobs out there.

    Three, if you all haven't figured this out about me yet, it's that on occasion I actually enjoy debating, and long debates especially. Call me crazy, but after spending half of a day tracing down a software bug that turns out to have just been a glitch during compiling that a Rebuild All fixes, sometimes I like taking time to de-stress and relax by debating.

    Four, in case you didn't notice, the words "so suffer or ignore" were right in my first paragraph. The simple fact that you chose not to ignore means that you either enjoy reading it in the first place despite your snide remarks, or you needlessly suffered of your own accord. No one <i>made</i> you read it. In fact, you had ample warning. So your complaints are completely meaningless.

    Five, gee you folk are too serious. Try having a little fun for a change. Do something pointless and silly. I did and I loved every minute of it. :)

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  12. But Silver, you said it yourself if Omid states that we are entitled not to read his rants, instead of reading them and be offended like some did, then wouldn't your statement here like Omid said, be a bit hypocritical?
    (Hey you wanted a debate, you got it buddy! :smile: )

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
  13. Congrats another overly lame post from Mr. Know-it-all. What a waste but hey you have a right to be a self indulged hypocrite.


    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting More Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
  14. OK, where's Freddie?

    This thread belongs in one of the unread forums.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
    *** Crowd cheers ***

    If he happen to read your post, I'm sure he'll feel that reality hit like a flat-iron on the forehead...

    Man, writing that post must have took you half an hour at least, it's time well spent IMHO...

    Fok Speling Misstake
  16. LOL classic post... And i make that <b>TWO</b> people who need a long vacation now! :smile:

    <b>"If spam wasn't totally bogus, Hotmail users would be well-endowed, slim people with hair who make big money working at home and having great sex provoked by free porn and herbal Viagra.</b>
  17. Anyone want to talk about CPUs?

    Ignorance is bliss, and i'm a happy guy!
  18. CPUs are cool.
    This thread is not.

    Disregard my previous post.
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    Men don't use Viagra because they're impotent, but because some women are just butt-ugly.

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  19. Quote:
    But Silver, you said it yourself if Omid states that we are entitled not to read his rants, instead of reading them and be offended like some did, then wouldn't your statement here like Omid said, be a bit hypocritical?

    I have to admit, I'm not completely following you, so my answer might not be a very good one, but here it goes.

    Omid writes a rant. He taglines it with a clause along the lines of "don't read it unless you enjoy it".

    I write a counter-rant (for lack of a better word). I taglined it with a clause along the lines of "it's even worse than Omid's, so turn back now if you don't want to read something needlessly long and boring". Basically, I did the exact same thing as Omid.

    Now, if I had complained about Omid doing it, that'd make me a hypocrite, yes. However, I'm not complaining that Omid wrote a rant. Hell, I usually <i>like</i> his rants.

    What I am doing is showing concern because his usually enjoyable point of view has slid from off-the-wall right into what I'd call living in a self-delusional world of fantasy and fanaticism. Worse, in his fanatical frenzy he even aims insults directly at some THG readers who did absolutely nothing to deserve them.

    So as you can see, I'm not complaining that Omid ranted. I'm concerned with the content of his rant itself and the implications that it portrays upon Omid's sense of well being. I'm not complaining that the glass is half empty. I'm complaining that the glass is half full of toxins and hallucinogens.

    Now if I turned around and said "Don't judge my point of view and reasoning because I'm perfect" or something equally silly, that might be hypocracy. However, I'll readily admit an extreme lack of perfection (if perfection even exists). Counterpoint my points all you like. :)

    Just don't go complaining that the rant was too long or senseless when I already gave ample warning that it was. That'd be like seeing the 'Caution: Hot!' light on your glass stove top illuminated, sticking your hand on the element anyway, and then complaining when you burn yourself. It's just plain silly. :)

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  20. Quote:
    Congrats another overly lame post from Mr. Know-it-all. What a waste but hey you have a right to be a self indulged hypocrite.

    Coming from a self-indulgent hypocrite, I'll take that as a compliment. Indulgence comes in many forms, oh great buster of sh@t. :-p

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  21. Quote:
    This thread belongs in one of the unread forums.

    I thought that this <i>was</i> one of the unread forums. :-p

    Seriously though, since THGC has no section for "Debating the skill and/or sanity of THG authors" I think this section is just as good as any. I had considered the Other->Other section, but that's probably even more read than this one <i>and</i> I don't go there anymore. So here seemed as good of a place as any. :)

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  22. Quote:
    If he happen to read your post, I'm sure he'll feel that reality hit like a flat-iron on the forehead...

    Eh. I doubt he'll read it. And I bet if he <i>did</i> he'd then complain about me hiding behind a lack of identity or something equally as untrue and also meaningless to the point. But hey, if he <i>does</i> read it I do hope that he understand I'm more concerned that he seems to be stressing out and losing a grip on reality than I am about him having the right to rant all he wants.

    Man, writing that post must have took you half an hour at least, it's time well spent IMHO...

    It took considerably longer, but then I wasn't working on it directly. It was something to entertain me every time I got frustrated trying to track down a M$ Visual C++ compiler bug and make it reproducable so that I could then find a way to work around it. So I really just took the occasional minute or two when I needed a break to hit each point instead of banging it straight out.

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  23. OK, I'll be serious for the moment.

    Regarding Omid's list

    Lists are controversial by nature. You can either agree or disagree with each item on the list. No grey areas. One way or the other.

    Lists are the journalistic equivalent of "trolling".

    You took the bait.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  24. Quote:
    LOL classic post... And i make that TWO people who need a long vacation now!

    I'd <i>love</i> a nice vacation. :)

    I swear, I've found two compiler bugs in as many days. Microsoft is driving me bald and gray prematurely! At least I found ways to work around them both. It just took four days to write something that I only figured would take two. :(

    The post itself was pure therapy though. :) At least now it's my weekend. Now where'd I leave the bottle of vodka... Oh yeah, it's right next to the spare lampshade/hat! ;)

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
  25. Sure whatever you have to say you self deluded fool.


    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting More Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
  26. Lampshades DO make affordable and fashionable hats.

    <b>"If spam wasn't totally bogus, Hotmail users would be well-endowed, slim people with hair who make big money working at home and having great sex provoked by free porn and herbal Viagra.</b>
  27. Let this thread die. It's not constructive in any way or form. It's not entertaining. It's just plain stupid at this point.

    <font color=red>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">The French are being described as cheese-eating surrender monkeys.</A></font color=red>
  28. Agreed!!!!


    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
    :evil: <A HREF="" target="_new">Busting More Sh@t Up!!!</A> :evil:
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