Cant I use a normal house fan?

I tried putting one near the comp to help push air through and the monitor started "wobbling"....... Darn. Comp fans are small, expensive and not as wide spreading.
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  1. Dont know how good of an idea it is but Until I get around to buying more case fans I do.. it lowered my case temp by about 15 degrees celcius. Didnt do anything for the CPU temp though (darn standard coolers)... Sorry about your image, mine stays fine..
  2. Interesting.....

    Maybe the fan is too cheap and old..... ya know? Maybe a different one would work for me.

    The monitor image shakes and the sound clicks when I turn the fan on or off. The sound is fine in between, but when I turn it on/off it clicks. Does not have anything to do with being plugged into the same surge protector, since moving the fan a ffew more feet away fixed the prob. Ill have to try a different fan sometime......

    But I was wondering about CPU fans. Where do you plug them in?? The mb on has the system fan and cpu fan....... Where do people plug otehrs in?
  3. Don't worry about that, it's just electromagnetic interference.If you put a tv and a monitor next to each other it will do the same, i.e. when you turn one on or off the other flickers slightly.
    move the monitor a little further away from the fan and it will stop doing it.

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  4. Your problem is very simple. The screen wobbles because of magnetic waves sent off by the fan. There is no solution to that but to move the fan away. If you wanted to you could put a fan on your open case, but it'd probably just cause a lot of turbulence and wouldn't do a lot. Best bet is just to get a good hsf and soem cheap case fans.
  5. Plug the fan from your CPU cooler into the MB's CPU fan connector. Some MBs turn off the "system" (i.e. case) fan when you go into standby and that could be a bit of a disaster for your CPU.

    As for the big house fan bugging your monitor... two words "Magnetic field"... A strong enough one can perminently damage a CRT. Not a good idea.

    The small fans used in computer cases are more than adequate to move enough air to keep just about any case cool enough, provided the case has good air inlets (usually at the front or under the bottom).

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  6. Right..... They are good, true.

    Actually, Im getting my water cooling block by Friday... But I want to keep certain things in the case cool.

    Well let me put it this way, I want more fans in the case (which is an open case) rather than just the vid card fan, the case fan, and the CPU fan. BTW, the CPU fan will be mounted on the chipset once the waterblock goes on the CPU...

    But I want to mount a few more fans. So my question was..... Where would I connect the fans? The MB obvioulsy only has one connector for CPU fan. That is in use. So how do I hook up extras? Since these little cpu fans appear to be the safest, let me know.
  7. Ok... the fan you will be putting on your chipset could hooked to the motherboard's "system" fan connector and the flow meter from the water system could be connected to the CPU fan connector, so you can monitor the water cooling system in software. (0 Flow in a water system is sometimes more disastrous than a stalled fan in an air cooling system, so you want to watch this.)

    The extra case fans would be connected to a spare disk drive connector. Most computer stores sell case fans with the same connectors as your hard disk uses and there are all kinds of splitters and adaptors you can get to make it work.

    But... keep in mind that all this stuff is going to make your PC louder and louder...

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  8. Well, I'm happy with my Antec case with Antec PSU. It has a neat option oof plugging in my fans into a "Fans Only" hard drive connector. It reduces the fan speed if the case is cool, if the case gets hot, it speeds them up. The case would easily keep me awake at night if all my fans were at full speed, but they seem to run at about 1/3 the speed, makeing MUCH LESS noise. Infact, my hard drives bug me more than my fans.

    Water cooling is for the weak. Get liquid nitrogen.
  9. Got a link to that powersupply? I'd like to look into getting them...

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  10. Well <A HREF="" target="_new"> here</A> you can see the cases & fans that he was talking about. I'm running this case with 4 case fans on the smart fan set up & I can't even here the computer running.

    One thing to think about, if you don't want to buy the case with the PSU, you'll have to buy the Antec True Power PSU to get the quiet fan option.

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  11. I got an Antec 1080 AMG case with a TruePower 430. I have had no problems with it. It has 2 fan connectors that control the speed of the fans, depending on the temperature. Here is the link to my power supply. If you got a crappy case, buy the one I have. For about $ 40 more, you can get the case and power supply. It has great cooling.
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