My tv gets no signal when I attach my laptop via 15 pin cable

I've connected my LG 42" LCD TV to my Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop, with the 15 pin connector the tv instructions required. I put the tv on PC in mode and the screen shows a notice of "no signal". I've tried turning the computer off, and rebooting once attached to the TV, but it made no difference. Everyone made it sound so simple. What do I do now? I want to show my photos on the big screen.
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  1. Here's my guess.

    The TV needs to accept the signal (through the PC in mode you selected) but the laptop needs to output it, too. Are you running Windows 7? If so, you can use WindowsKey + P to cycle through external monitor options. Windows Vista and XP can do it, too with a ctrl+F5 or F4 or something. I'll find it if you're using one of the OSs.
  2. I have the tv getting my desktop photo from the computer, but none of the icons or workings. I have a Windows XP. I got that through the "my computer", and "display settings" second monitor. My internet connection is nowhere near the tv, and I am lazy about disconnecting and moving back and forth when noone is watching tv. I'll connect and thry those keys and see if they do anything, and get back to you. Thanks.
  3. you said you already were looking through the second monitor setttings...

    make sure you have the correct type selected.

    there is one that extends your desktop to include this monitor which increases your desktop real estate. you could drag icons over to the screen with the mouse if you wish.

    there is another one that copies your desktop exactly onto the secondary monitor. both screens should display the same image.
  4. There are no font selections other than size of font where I go. I went control panel, display, settings. The font size is under appearance. Settings just had monitor adding, colour bits, and screen resolution. Where would I look for this type that extends my desktop?
    Shouldn't my desktop just show up on the tv and be workable from it as the 2nd monitor?
  5. no it shouldnt.. because you have to define whether you want an exact copy or if you want to drag stuff onto the 2nd monitor.

    there is usually a simple checkbox that you click to change between 'clone' or 'extend'

    your situation might prove to be more beneficial if you install the graphics software for the video card.
    sometimes the software comes with a 'wizard' that walks you through the process step by step.. making it easy enough for a 6 year old to do it.
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