Hello guys what is up,

i am wanting to upgrade my xps 410 from

Core 2 duo @ 1.83GHz
8400gs 512MB GDDR3
2gb ddr2 667MHz
370w Standard Dell psu


Core 2 duo Wolfdale @ 3.06GHz
GT 440 1GB 128-bit GDDR3
4GB DDR2 800MHz
370w Standard dell psu

what thermal paste should i get with a standard dell psu cooler in a xps 410

Artic Silver 5
Tuniq TX-2

or any other u recomend
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  1. I would not use the standard cooler, it may not be designed to handle a hotter CPU. Get a retail version of the new CPU it will come with a decent heatsink / fan.

    Any top brand of paste will do it's job if you don't overclock, and with a Dell, you probably can't anyway. I use Artic Silver myself when I build computers.
  2. if you look on how it is designed i cant do much with it so i might as well get a thermal grease that will overclock i may buy it a better 500w modular cpu and do some moding

    my price limit is $550 but i cant fit any graphics card over 6 inches
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