Epson Stylus Photo 830 - can't get working in windows 7

I have an Epson Sylus Photo 830 printer that I am unable to get working in windows 7 64 bit. I have looked on the Epson website, however there are no drivers listed for my printer for my operating system. I remember a few years ago people were able to get this printer working in Visa by using another driver, although I can't remember which driver?

Does anyone know any way to get my printer working in windows 7?

Thanks Dave
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  1. They stopped writing drivers for it in 2005. Usually when a printer won't work for Win 7 you just try the Vista drivers but it never made it far enough to get a Vista driver.

    But this support page from Epson says it should work out of the box with Vista.
  2. Well if it works out of the box in vista it should in 7? I can't believe they say it works out of the box in Vista, as they did not even support it under xpx64. Do you know if there is a workaround to get it to run on windows 7? I think it is really a waste buying another printer, as I just use my system for games and to write the odd letter which my old Epson 830 is perfect for.
  3. If it works out of the box in vista (which I don't know if I believe), is there a way to rip the drivers from vista and install them in windows 7?
  4. 9 times out of 10, if it works for Vista it will work for Win 7.

    The thing is I don't see any actual drivers written for anything beyond 2005 and Win XP. That page I linked to says Vista out of the box but those drivers should still be available for download on their driver support page but nothing for Vista is listed.

    I'd call Epson and let them know of this contradiction and see what they may have to offer.
  5. My gut feeling is I think they have made a mistake. If they have is there anyway I could get this working other than in vmware. I know this is a long shot but is there any way to use linux drivers or anything like that?
  6. Well the wierd thing is Epson only list the 870 driver for xp but not xp x64 - in fact the normal xp driver for the 870 does not work in xp 64 bit, however microsoft in XP 64 bit have a 870 64 bit driver available with the operating system. As epson don't list this driver I was thinking is this something microsoft have developed? I note on the windows 7 compatability webpage is only confirms my printer working with 32 bit windows 7 - so maybe that is what epson wre refering to on the link you posted? As my 830 used to work via the 870 driver in windows xp 64 bit, I was wondering if it is possible to some how rip this driver from xp pro x64 bit operating system and see if I can get it to work in windows 7?
  7. Well I managed to get the drivers from windows xp 64 bit with a program called double driver. I then ran this program in windows 7 and exported the driver and all seems to be working ok. This is really stange as Epson officially has not released 64 bit drivers for this printer. I think it is something microsoft built into 64bit windows xp but did not port to windows 7 because it is a very old printer. Either way everything is working now. The only things that does not work is the ink status monitor, however I am just using a 3rd party program for that called SSC service Utility.

    So my old hardware goes on to live another day!
  8. I just changed from winXP to win 7-64 and found Epson has no drivers for my stylus photo 870. After reading the above messages I decided to try "add a printer" from the win 7 menu. I turned on the printer, then the program went to the internet somewhere "to update the printer list." I chose the 870 from the list, then the system invisibly installed the driver and the printer works! Can't really say exactly what happened, but it was quick.
  9. Windows 7 64 and 32 bit operating systems contain drivers for the Epson Stylus Photo 830 and should install automatically with no need for a manufacturer driver. The status of other printers or hardware devices can be checked <a href=””>here at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center</a>.

    Windows Outreach Team- IT Pro
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