V7 24" Energy Saving HD LED Monitor

So I am currently on the hunt for a new monitor. My current display is 22" and I want to upgrade to a 24". I was leaning towards Acer or Asus and then I ran across this monitor from V7, however, I didn't find much feedback on it. Anyone have any kind of reviewed information on this thing?

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  1. Hi Bretto.

    We're in the exact same boat, as I'm also looking for a new monitor. Had my eye on that one as well and was trying to find more info on it.

    First off, it isn't 24" but 23.6" but then, I expected that.

    Has HDMI which is pretty good for that size/ price.

    Here are the specs that Wal-Mart left out:


    Not really of a review, but just additional info you might find useful.

    It's worth it IMO, and just what I was looking for.
  2. Thanks for the info...

    I ended up going with an Asus. Newegg had this one knocked down to $159 when I bought it and I could not resist with the features of it.

    I find that many of the monitors advertised as 24" are truly only 23.6", but not that big of a deal to me.

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