What the? Cant over 512mb without XP?

Is this true?

My motherboard's manual (MSI Nforce2) says that although the motherboard supports up to 3gig memory, this much memory WONT WORK with any other operating system rather than XP and it might have mentioned W2000. I have Me. Is this true? Am getting another stick of 512mb soon to go with my current 512mb...... Let me know!
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  1. Yep its true.

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  2. You can't work with more than 2 GB memory in WinXP Pro and Win2000 Pro. For using more than 2 GB, you will need Windows 2000 Server. Win2000 Server can use upto 40 GB memory.

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  3. except for win2k, xp, and maybe nt a copy of windows can recognize up to 512MB
  4. Yep. Newer MoBo's are made to work with XP. A few years ago, no one would have thought that you could use that much.

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  5. You most likely don't need more than 512MB anyway, especially with 9x which itself uses around half the memory of XP. ME is the mutant spawn of 98SE, it's been known to suxor in several areas.

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  6. yea using that much memory with "ME" wont make it faster, its got horrible memory management. its funny, i installed win2k on a 433 celeron and it was WAY faster then win98... and now it doesnt crash everytime i use it either!
  7. If your running ME it's time to upgrade my friend! Me isn't even a good Band-Aid.

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