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Afternoon gents,

I haven't seen a previous post on this issue yet so I'm wondering if I'm unique. Here's the story...

Every once in a while when I turn on my PC I get prompted with a message box telling me that the "local profile has been corrupted". I have not yet been able to successfully correct the profile, so I have been using system restore at any point the error occurs. It's so annoying guys...

I think it has to do with a program not successfully closing upon the prior shutdown, and so XP chokes on the reboot and instead opens with a Guest account. Do any of you wizards know specifically A)what specifically causes the corruption or B)how to fix a profile without using a system restore.

Thanks Everyone,

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  1. <A HREF=";en-us;q318011" target="_new">Error Message: Windows Cannot Load Your Profile Because It May Be Corrupted</A>

    What may be causing the local user profile to become corrupted ... I cannot say. Perhaps you'll find some information pertaining to the error in the Administrative Tools\Event Viewer Logs.


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  2. Dude...You are the MAN!

    I've seen you pull those links out of thin air in other posts, but I honestly never thought to look there! (duh to me).

    At least now I know a little more about repairing profiles, and I'll continue to investigate (and check the admin logs)

    Thanks again, you really hooked me up.

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