Windows Explorer opens, but can't close it and can't see contents

I don't know what's wrong with my piece of crap PC this time but i can't get control panel, computer, documents or anything else to open, Firefox works, Photoshop works and software, but anything that involves explorer doesn't.

I get the window to appear but i can't close the window, the window appears to be responding to a point (i can type into the address and search bar) but the contents appear to be on acid. Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

The mouse pointer appears to be "loading" (the circle spinning thing next to the mouse pointer) So i am going to leave the PC on over night and see if it finally loads tomorrow, i some how doubt it.

This is exactly the reason why Apple Macs win. If only I could afford one.

Anyway dreaming aside how do I fix this one. I have tried the obvious "slamming the computer against the wall, not to hard but not to soft and see if it works" routine with no luck. also tried restarting, re-logging and system restore was disabled to keep hard drive space usage down.

just to add, it's not my graphics card, i have tried 3 different cards. and it's not the installation on my new SSD as i tried launching from the other SSD (i have 2 the same set up on raid so if 1 fails i can use the other 1). It's not a virus i have scanned with Avast, removed that then installed norton, didnt find nowt so removed that and tried Kaspersky. I am also very careful of where i go and what i download, i use Firefox and adblock plus. It is not spyware as i've tried 2 bits of software.

The guy in the computer shop couldn't fix it (and wasted £30 :<), it's been like this for a while but it's affecting my work and I need this problem to get fixed.
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  1. Can you boot into the Safe mode (F8). Do you get the same symptom?
    If not, then this looks like a video driver issue.

    If you're serious about "slamming the computer against the wall", then you shouldn't have a computer. No disrespect, but personnel computers are not built for that kind of treatment. And, if that is the case, then the problem could be anywhere.
  2. I don't know what might be wrong but you could install "Total commander"(a file manager,google it) as a replacement until you get this fixed. It's fairly easy to use.
  3. I doubt it's a video driver issue - it looks to me like the pattern in your screenshot is a result of dragging things around over the unresponsive window that doesn't repaint.

    My guess is that there's an anomaly in your folder structure which is causing it to loop. Try clicking the "Start" button and typing "Explorer c: <enter>" in to the Search box. Do you get a listing of the root contents of the C: drive? If so, try navigating in that window to your personal documents folder. If it hangs when you get there than you've got some issue in it.
  4. Hey, thanks for the respons, Start doesnt work (it's never worked) it just shows the thinking sign and i have to restart the pc
  5. Try this:

    Start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

    Click the "Applications" tab

    Click the "New Task..." button at the lower right

    Type "Explorer c:" and hit <Enter>
  6. I do that, but it appears with a blue screen with stupid writing that makes no sense on it
  7. probs time for a new PC ey lol
  8. If push comes to shove a reinstall of Windows will probably fix it, I doubt you actually need to replace the hardware...
  9. err i would but i lost the CD :s
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