Beeps after killing the CMOS with CMOSPWD 5.0

There was an unknown password in mij Acer travelmate 243Lc. I ve tried to kill it by CMOSPWD 5.0. (cmospwd /k) now mij screen stays blank and the bios gives 3 beeps; 1 time long and two times short.
Can anyone tell me how i can recover mij bios? there is NO DISKDRIVE in the notebook!

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  1. Presumably you can attach a USB floppy drive and hope that it will work without Windows -- see if there's a motherboard BIOS available for your machine on the Acer site because these sometimes have a BIOS loader which runs from a bootable floppy.
  2. Speaking theoretically... your computer should be able to be saved. The fact that it gives an audible beep error code indicates that some recovery process should be available. If your device is still under warranty, call and explain what happened and hopefully they'll point you to some sort of solution... likely utilizing an external bootable device (USB floppy, CDROM or thumb drive) Hopefully your laptop (even in its crippled state) is still attempting to boot from an external device in order to reprogram itself. My guess is that the program you used just zap the bits in the BIOS where it believes your password is... well, if the application was aware of the intricate details of all BIOSes out there, sure... I suppose that would work, but it sounds like it overwrite a necessary part of your BIOS... thus the beep codes.
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