Can the HP Pavilion dm3-1030us run TF2?

I've been looking to get an ultra-portable/netbook for a while that could handle HD videos and some light gaming. I first put my hopes into the ION chip sets, sure it can decently play HD videos, but with that stupid Atom, even a 330 (eeepc 1201n) it cant run team fortress 2. So i decided to look at alternatives.

The HP Pavilion dm3-1030us seems like a good choice, the cpu is much heartier then a Atom. And from what i have heard, the ATI 3200 is better then the Ion, and will still be better then the Ion 2.

Those stupid "minimum requirements" are never trustworthy. So, can this ultra portable be able to run tf2?

Thanks :D

(ironically, office depot has the best price on the market, sorry newegg, i go where its cheap. :D)
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  1. It should be able to run it on low settings, I'm quite sure.
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