Driver updated d-link dsb-c310 for windows 7 32 bits system

I'm looking a driver of D-LINK DSB-C310 PC-CAMERA for Windows 7 System (32 bits) , can you help me?


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  1. Reply to myself, because I ve found the answer to my problem!!!! woooo hoooo

    Hi, Install Safari from Apple for Windows (go to apple website), from there , right click on the Icon, try with Properties/Compatibility, pick a system Windows Me, Xp server pack 2 or 3 from the list; or Instead of Properties, select Compatibility solutions, follow the steps, select the setup of your programme, and pick the old system in order to run the setup. Try those and finally Reboot from your cd driver to make effect the changes.

    Also I was "playing" with Help from my Windows System, I typed "Compatibility" , I followed the steps and again , I chosed an old system and the setup of my webcam to run. Good Luck!!!!
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