Using Viewsonic PJD6531W with PS3- Need Help

I recently purchased this projector and was wondering how it is possible to set up my PS3 so it can display 3D? I have read of people doing it, but for the life of me, I can't find a way to enable the 3D options, even after setting my project to to display DLP-Link 3D.

I contacted customer support and they unfortunately were not able to assist me with my efforts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. this may sound stupid but...

    is your ps3 software upgraded?
    are you trying to play either a movie or game which supports 3d?
    did you remember to switch the setting in the game or movie to enable 3d?
  2. Yes, the PS3 is the latest possible firmware. I'm trying to play a video game in 3D and the options in game to play in 3D are grayed out.
  3. Were you able to get the problem resolved, I'm having the same problem.
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