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I am currently in a pickle on deciding which computer I should purchase and basically have about 500 dollars to spend on one.

I know this is possibly a no brainer, but for me money is tight, so if i can purchase the cheaper computer Ill do that.

What i will be using the computer for is, daily surfing, emails, school work, etc. with occasionally playing older pc games like Call of duty 4, and things of that nature. I know ill have to upgrade it later on if i want to play anything demanding games such as Battlefield or Starcraft.

could anyone help me? all consideration is appreciated thank you!
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  1. The AMD is will be about as fast, but does not have onboard wireless, the Intel model does. Not worth the extra cost though. I'd get the AMD based computer.

    As far as upgrading for games later, there is nothing that tells you what the power supply is, with a weak power supply, under 300-350 watts you will be very limited in any upgrades. You may be able to run a low end gaming video card in the system on a lower than 300 power supply, but it's iffy. Will need to actually try it and see if it works.
  2. For the future upgrades the i3 2100 is more future proof. Is a very good processor. In the future you can put even a powerfull video card and it will not be botleneck. This i can't say about AMD.
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