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Hey to all.
I have a hp pavilion dv5-1235dx laptop. the problem with it that its displays start to flickers as and when the laptop sees fit. I am worried because i do not understand why this is happening. The laptop is only about 7 months old (i bought it 7 months ago). The stupid thing that happened at the time of purchase is that i asked a family member to get me the laptop and he bought me a refurbished hp laptop. Now that the warranty is expired i do not what to do??????
Can anyone please point out what the problem might be???? Should i sell this laptop and buy a new one ??????

i should add that the flickering sometimes goes away when i move the screen a few times

My laptop specs are:
OS : win 7
PROCESSOR: T6400 2.0 GHz (Core 2 duo)
HDD : 320GB
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    Sounds like a faulty connector or cable. Check by connecting an external monitor if poss.

    If it's a popular laptop model, a repair guy may be able to source secondhand parts, new may be prohibitively expensive.
  2. it works fine when connected to an external monitor
  3. I have the same model and had the same problem. Mine was under warranty however, so I sent it in to be serviced. When I got it back, they said it was a faulty cable/connector.
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