Battaries best way of use.

My laptop's battery died 3 days ago... It actually discharges while the laptop is in socket and never recharges.. Also windows reports a problem and advises to replace it..
Someone told me that I should charge the battery and take it off if using the wall socket... What do you think?
I am going to get a new PC very soon and will forget evrything about a portable bigger than a mac-air!
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  1. The advice you got was right.

    Overcharging, though the laptop should protect it, is suicide for batteries.

    Received wisdom is don't charge fully, dont discharge fully. Top up the charge, like you might a mobile phone or MP3 player.
  2. Working on battery means less performance..
    Taking off the battery means a hole in the laptop.. And I already dropped it twice when not putting the battery and I am not going to do it again.. OK then I think I also drop the mac-aire idea..
    How does the mac-air work if its battery can't be disassembled?
  3. Presumably (like the iPod/iPhone) you have to send the Air-thing back to Apple for a new battery to be installed. Hard to believe, but then I don't believe in Apple, period.
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