I am an idiot,! Did I zap my CPU?

I flashed bios. I think I flashed wrong bios. PC would not boot next time I turned it on. So I take the battery out to default the bios, nothing. Here is the stupid part...I pulled the 4-pin plug while pc on...yeah I know. Did I zap my CPU? I was told mboard was shot, got a new one but that didn't work. I have a P4 w/ 350w supply. I tried the 350 in an HP P3 500 and it works, but that normally only has a 250w supply. ANy thoughts are apprecited.
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  1. Sounds like your bios flash went wrong. Go out and get the right one and flash the bios following the manufactuer's instructions <b>to the letter</b>... my guess is the CPU's still ok, just a bad flash.

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  2. i had a bad flash once, i called the mobo company and they told me to send a letter telling what i wanted and a check for 12 bucks. they sent me a new bios chip.

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  3. Go and grab urself a PCI Video Card.....from an old computer..whatever...it doesnt matter...now take ALL other periphrials out of ur PCI Slots and take the AGP Vdeo card out..now stick the video card in the PCI Slot directly below the AGP Slot.......

    now....press the power button on the computer.....do u see a screen that says something like "Award Bios Boot Lock" ???

    if so ur IN luck...what u have to do is Format a floppy disk so that its bootable....

    put the AFLASH.EXE award bios flash utility ont he flopyp aswell AND also copy the BIOS File onto the disk UNCOMPRESSED...so if u DL'd it as a ZIP file...unzip it than put it on the disk....than re-flash ur bios to the PROPER one....after thats done.....restart the computer and it should be fine....u can now put all ur devices back in....

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  4. You're out of the loop on this one, take everything including the old motherboard to a shop and let them figure it out.

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