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I am in Canada and I have an Acer Aspire L350. The dog chewed my power cord and I can't find one anywhere. I called Acer and surprise they were no help. It is a 19v with 7.1A but I don't know the wattage. Can somone please help?
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  1. Wattage = 134.9watts (19v x 7.1A = 134.9w)
  2. it is one of their micro desktop jobs and yes they had no idea what i was talking about. Makes ya wanna buy more electronic stuff from them huh?
  3. I've purchased parts from Acer and had no problem. They also sent me a free recovery disk with OS when my wife lost hers for her laptop.
    They also have online tech support, which I have used successfully as well which inclines me to believe you never even tried to contact them...because your lazy?
    Or maybe they couldn't understand French? I dont know.[/quotemsg
    Lazy??? Your an ass. Try to get help and all you can do is be a jerk. Tiny minded idiot.
  4. bah crap...
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