BSOB!? is this harming my pc?

Many of you will probably not like my reason for this problem but here it is. Every so often when i quit out of two particular pirated games or alt tab them, BFBC2 and mirrors edge, i get the blue screen of death error and don't know why. i didn't think anything was wrong with the installs of the games or is it just karma for them being pirated? all i want to know is, is this harming my computer when it happens? every time it does happen i restart with no further problems and everything is back to normal it just seems a bit scary everytime it happens and it is annoying having to restart several times.
i would appreciate any help.
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  1. Sounds like a bad driver to me. Or even hardware, The changing to your areo desktop which effects the GPU. this is where i would put my money.
  2. My gpu is very new, only about 2-3 months max. i highly doubt it, if it was i would experience this problem with other games too but it just seems to be those ones. i can run heaps of other pirated games fine, eg sleeping dogs, medal of honor, saints row 3 and never have problems so its prob a bad install i really just want to know is it causing harm?
  3. BSOD don't cause any physical harm to your computer, but consider doing a "CHKDSK /F" after one happens. BSOD are normally caused by either memory errors or driver errors. You should check your memory by downloading and running for at least three passes memtest86. It is also possible that the cracks are causing the BSOD can you try the software on another computer?
  4. sorry can't try software on another pc due to mine being the only gaming one in the house, all others are either basic laptops or macs. How do you do a CHKDSK /F?
  5. You get what you (didn't) pay for. Congratulations on owning (borrowing) buggy software that may also contain malware.
  6. BSOD can harm data, but not typically hardware
  7. CHKDSK /f is run from the command prompt.
    Also it could just be a badly hacked game.
    run memtest86 - its really good at finding issue with basic system components like memory, cpu and chipset.
  8. It is against the rules of Tom's hardware to help with issues related to Piracy, go buy them and if you still have problems we can help.
  9. Why is anyone helping this person with his issues. Sum it up right here, buy the software and get proper support cheapass.
  10. Pirated software, particularly the pirate-made executables that are patched to bypass DRM, often contain malware. If you pirate software, someone else's malicious code is what you have to deal with yourself, along with any problems that come of it. You pirate at your own risk, and pirating software is extremely risky indeed.
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