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Swiftech 462+ - Fan Reccomendations

Last response: in CPUs
March 6, 2003 8:51:51 PM

I'm looking for fan reccomendations for a Swiftech 462+ HS. Noise is not my primary concern. Keeping it cool is. Please tell why you like X fan when making a suggestion. It should be 80mm up to 80x80x50
March 6, 2003 9:49:13 PM

Just about any standard 80mm "case" fan, with a tachometer, that can be connected to your motherboard's CPU fan connector should be fine.

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March 6, 2003 11:04:26 PM

I recommend the Thermaltake Smart FAN II. It can reach 70CFM. Or the Vantec Tornado.
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March 7, 2003 12:34:24 AM

I have a MCX-462 and ive tried everything from a 5000rpm delta screamer to a 2000rpm silent panaflo.

It all depends on your cooling needs, obviously slower = quieter but also less cooling.

If you want super quiet the panaflo 2000rpm fan is very good... and the cooling is still better than alot of other smaller crappier coolers.

Probably one of the best allround fans is the ThermalTake smartfan2 (which im using right now)
temp variable, with the temp probe touching the copper base, so its only fast when the weather is hot.
But if cooling is your only desire, just slap on a ultra loud Tornado or delta.

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March 7, 2003 2:52:39 AM

Well, I'm about to make the plunge and OC a 2500 Barton. My first OC attempt. From what I've been able to research here and other sights. It sounds like a Swiftech 462+ and the Smart Fan II should keep it cool enough for some modest overclocking. Don't think I will try to push the 200Mhz FSB on my first OC attempt. Giving things another week to settle down then ordering all the components. Hopefully the announcment of the new 9800 radeons will bring down the price of the aiw 9700.