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Guys i am getting a weird freaking problem here.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000.

The problem i am having is that my dell will not show on its monitor image what so ever! But not alwayssssss...

1. Turn dell on, image just fine, can access bios and so...
2. Booting, windows loading screen fine too, no problem at all.
3. When windows load up, supposed to show desktop, done... screen gets black.


- It will show full resolution 1920*1200 (or something like it) in safe mode.
- Will show image under F8 - VGA Mode
- Will show image just fine instaling XP.
- Will show image fine fine fine untill i install Video`s driver.

After install the video driver, which i tried like 3 different verions, windows does not show any image anymore.
External monitor works fine!
Fn key + F8 which is for switch between screen, only make my exernal monitor blinks... but laptop still no image.
Tried bios reset and load default valeus.
Tried Windows XP SP2 and SP3, clean install from zero.

Really sounds like a software problem but i am already starting to think that some kind of hardware is broken. WTH!

Under video propeties, where it shows "Monitor" "Panel" "TV", monitor is on (of course, i am using one to type here...) Panel and TV show "not connected". As well Panel and TV buttons are disabled, so i cant turn it on.

Any tips?? I dont know what else to do.
Thanks !!!
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  1. Sounds like a video driver problem. What happens when you boot up in Safe Mode?
  2. As i said above...

    - Safe mode - no problem, full resolution, image just fine.
    - VGA mode - same thing.
    - Installing windows, same thing.

    I only get nothing when video driver is installed BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the only thing i dont get, is:

    1. I have this laptop for like 3 years now, always used that same driver, always worked fine.
    2. Installed new windows XP SP2 and SP3, same crap after driver installed. (used to work fine on xp sp1, sp2 and sp3 and vista)
    3. Installed 3 different driver verions, 2 from dell 1 from ati, same problem happened.

    I really dont know what it can be :(

    Thanks for your reply WR2
  3. You said secure mode, not safe mode.
    Safe mode = success. Normal mode = failure. It's the driver.
    Roll back the driver to an earlier version and see if that works.
  4. Correct WR2, sorry my mistake, already edited the post.

    I tried rollback, did not work.
    Tried new windows did not work.

    The funny is that i am using the same driver i have been using for 3 years! In this period i have installed windows o many times that is not even fun and never had this problem before, again, using that same very driver!
    Used the driver i have backed up in my HD and download new one. Nothing happened :/
  5. Try using the Guru3D Driver Sweeper utility progam.
  6. Alright i will get it a try!
    Thanks for that info!!! I will be home in about 3 hours, so i will let you know.
    Thanks for your time man !!!
  7. Okkkkk... so i tried the guru and no success :(

    Made another test.
    Just installed a fresh copy fo Windows 7 x86.
    Video was working. Ran Windows update and installed microsoft x300 ati driver.
    Soooooo guess what?
    After reboot, no imagem again, only on the external monitor.

    Under video properties, when i click on DETECT button, still showing only my external monitor as my laptop panel did not exists (just like used to be under XP).

    Any other idea ?!?!?
  8. That normally happens when you have configured the other output as main,
    you said it works on safe mode,it works because it won't load the drivers for it.
    so check in bios whats the video output settings.
    If that is all right boot on safe mode and go to your graphics control panel and check the video output.
  9. When you connected to the external monitor you probably upped the resolution to something your laptop screen can't do. Find out you're laptop's native resolution and set it back to that.
  10. Here we go again :)

    My laptop resolution (native) is 1920*1200, my external monitor is 1680*1050.

    Under BIOS the only setting i have is to change bright under batter or power, and to expand my screen based on my resolution (tried turn it on, but no sucess again).

    This is what my ATI CP shows when i try to activate my panel:

    When the panel was working, it used to show panel AS CONNECTED, but it could be ON or OFF, but now, its not even clickable :/

    Just did a fresh install again.
    Installed Windows XP Home Original.
    Activated it, and use windows update till SP.
    Installed all Dell drivers in sequence, as chipset drivers and so.
    Once everything was working i installed video driver... and boom, gone! I only get image if i plug a external monitor.

    I never saw a thing like this before.
    It seems to be software, but HOW after lots of OS reinstall and lots of different drivers versions, it still not working?? :/
  11. I never used ATI control panel,but i guess you would have to check the Monitor tab there.
  12. Yep... i checked... the problem is everything is disable.
    Only monitor is clickable, the laptopt panel is disable as if it not exists!
  13. MeiaNoite said:
    Yep... i checked... the problem is everything is disable.
    Only monitor is clickable, the laptopt panel is disable as if it not exists!

    Try when booting your windows,press F8 to get into advanced settings,(like if you were going to safe mode)and there select i think it was "disable VGA mode"
  14. Hey !!! News guys :)
    My friend has a very same laptop as i do, so i made few tests:

    1. Put my screen on his laptop, worked just fine!
    2. Put my video card on his laptop, worked just fine!
    3. Put my harddrive with windows SP3 installed + all drivers they way i left, and guess what... WORKED TOO !!!

    - Cant be my video card, because worked on his...
    - Cant be my laptop display, because worked there too...
    - Cant be my windows or drivers, because..... you already got it.

    Only option left for me was... my mobo has some sorta of problem...
    Any tip?
    Thanks guys!
  15. Config
  16. Config... where?
    Bios? Reconfigured all options as possible. Even disable some devices as wifi and modem... plus i toke the batery out, updated my bios to latest version... and so :/
  17. MeiaNoite said:
    Config... where?
    Bios? Reconfigured all options as possible. Even disable some devices as wifi and modem... plus i toke the batery out, updated my bios to latest version... and so :/

    I'm telling you that because i had that problem,and i was going mad thinking that i broke it.and no,it is just an output problem.Just be 100% sure that it doesn't work.but if you can see the system info when you turn it on the display works, you know, you can also contact the manufacturer asking for help to configure it back to the main display.
  18. Hey MeiaNoite. I know your posts are 2 years old, but I was wondering if you ever figured it out... I am going through the same as you, tried a lot of the stuff you did (although you really went the whole nine yards) and about to give up...

    Did you ever find out the solution?

    Thank you!
  19. The conclusion I have got is that is something bad with the mobo.

    A friend of mine had the very same laptop, I swapped all parts, ALL, even hard drive and video card, problem stills, so the only thing left was the mobo :/

    What you can do is install windows 7, you gonna be able to use its native driver, but never gonna be as good as a ati driver installed :/

    Good luck there bro!
  20. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Oh well, it does look like some hardware failure in the mobo showing up with some graphics driver feature. Anyhow, the good thing is that this is a corporate laptop, so once I am back from holidays I'll give it to the IT service of my company and let's see what they say. It was fun to try but heck! I'll post here the update then... :).

    Thank you again!
  21. No luck finding the exact cause. The guys just replaced the full laptop (changed my drive to new laptop). I guess that proves was hardware :). Oh well...
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