p4 2.4 and rambus

Hi there newbie here just wondering whether going 4 a 533 2.4 pentium with the 850e, 1066 rambus road is worth it or is only 2.4 not going to benifit high rambus/motherboard prices considering the ongoing market......

thanx smax.
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  1. Rambus is definately the way to go to get the most out of your P4. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an unlocked 2.4GHz P4 400FSB (running at 2.6GHz) and set it up with pc800 rambus in an Intel mobo (very stable). I am extreamly happy with the performance so far.

    You will not likely see a noticable improvement in performance going to pc1066 unless you plan to OC.

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  2. I see knewt must have missed the part about your P4 being a 533 bus CPU. Generally speaking PC1066 is a great match for the "533" bus P4, and has top notch performance.

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  3. That setup you described is the one I am running currently for games and music and other random crap and it smokes. I upgrade my pc800 to 1066 and there is a noticeable differnce in a few apps. This leads me to believe that moving to the pc1200 is actually a viable option for me. (If it ever comes out.)

  4. Thanx guys for replies, stability is the factor here, as I,m doing audio/visual stuff I,m hoping that rambus, or I,m told is still the best cookie in this department. I,m told intel doesent yet recognize 1066 rambus speeds but it might in the future etc...., does that mean that if you get ya hands on a current 850e board 1066/1200 isent a benifit bandwidth wise......or it wont make visable difference...
    I understand Via or another comp is developing a chipset for higher rambus..does anyone know what intel make of that and how they plan to support it..perhaps that doesent make sence mmmh...anyway what is the alternative with ddr ddr11...eNforce etc...xms cl2 etc....any help would I can assure you would help as to where to send my bucks.....
  5. Does the SiS 655 chipset have stability issues? Has it even launched yet? That chipset puts out a 5.4GB/s bandwidth which puts it ahead of pc1066. I have a rambus setup and I love the speed but unfortunatly rambus is more expensive than DDR memory.

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  6. I haven't heard of stability issues on the 655. Several members of this forum have already purchased boards so equiped.

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  7. Actually Intel now recognizes PC1066, starting a few months ago. To run PC800 on the "533" bus required PC800-40, a slightly faster than standard version of PC800. I'd just stick with PC1066 and hope that a BIOS update makes it run at full speed.

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  8. Oh, forget VIA and their illegal trash, SiS was the one to add Rambus with the 658 chipset, Abit carries such a board.

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  9. After mentioning the SIS chipset, doesn't SIS have a quad-channel Pc 1200 chipset in the works, due out later this year?
  10. I dont suggest PC 1200 PC 1066 may end up a bit faster on some benchmark

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  11. So the 655 and 658 are out and running, so I might investigate more before buying....apart from a few bits and pieces that the 850e doesent have yet I presume the sis chips do but thats not so important for me at the moe. Toms guide mentioned by diagram If I recall a scale of rambus verses ddr/ddr11/ddr....etc, saying that ddr wouldent catch up to higher clocked rambus untill about 2004/5 aprox (it`s in there somewhere)...that made me tink, untill ddr4 is in the shops I may as well stick with rambus till it maxes out so to speak..and by then I,ll need a new motherbourd anyway.....is that about right?.....not withstanding other variables such as fsb etc....I must say though this diagram definatly made me go rambus, but now people are saying this and that about ddr already faster than rimms, any thoughts....smax1
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