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help! looking for best pc gaming headset w/ mic for my 13 yo son who mostly plays wow. approx $100
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  1. SENNHEISER PC161 - $89.95

    Very high grade quality sound. The brand is well known to music producers and audiophiles.
  2. thanks. i bought the sennheiser pc350 already, but he says that he can barely hear w/ them on his HP laptop. He usually plays WOW. the sound seems 'distant'.
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    The pc350 model has an Impedance of 150 Ohms. They are designed to be used with a headphone amplifier or a high end audio source.

    FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier - $19.99

    This will fix the "distant" effect he's hearing. The 2 together (the headphones and amp) will provide a recording studio like quality sound.

    I do wish more reviews and ads for headphones pointed out the headphone amp requirement because it catches a lot of people off guard and they blame supposedly poor sound on the very high quality headphones because they weren't aware they needed to be paired up with an amplifier.
  4. Thanks, Viper. You are making my life a lot easier! Would I be better off exchanging for the PC161, or purchasing the amp for the pc350? I bought the pc350 online from Amazon.
  5. The pc350 are easily the better set of headphones. While the use a headphone amp may be an inconvenience, the sound quality of the set (and even the quality of the mic) is far better and worth the amp requirement.
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