Cd drive audible clicks when light blinks

Toshiba Laptop M115-S3084 with LG GMA-4082N CD/DVD.
The audio has a "clicking" sound in sync with the drive light when playing dvds or cds. Removed and reinstalled drivers for the drive and audio with no success. Audio works fine with audio or video files from the hard drive. Will probably replace the drive as its cheap but wondered if anyone has run across this before.
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  1. I can hear my drive being accessed all the time. Its not unusual for laptops as they vibrate more than drives installed in the chassis of desktop machines. As you've no doubt noticed, the slim drives in laptops are mostly plastic..

    I noticed also when I installed a 7200 Rpm black scorpio hard drive that I can hear it accessing all the time now too.
    Is it lightscribe? My dvd burner in my lappy is, and every lightscribe drive Ive ever owned in any machine is quite a bit louder than standard drives.
  2. I should have been more clear. The "clicking" is in the audio output from the speakers causing slight distortion and is loud enough to be very annoying.

    UPDATE! I removed and reinstalled the drive and the problem disappeared. Possibly caused by a dirty or corroded connector but nothing visible. I live close to the Gulf of Mexico with salty air...everything corrodes here.
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