Suggestion for budget 2.1 speakers? (I listen to heavy Jazz)


My Hercules 2.1 died again today for the second time.
(I dont know whats up with these speakers but Hercules speakers are keep dying on me...;;)

So I am looking for a cheap (hopefully about 50$ or less) desktop speakers for my computer.

I will use these speakers to play video games (Mostly FPS. I tend to listen to enemy footsteps a lot when I play mutiplayer games like Call of Duty)

but mostly for my music. I listen to a lot of Jazz and these speakers will be in a small room.

I would prefer a speaker that wouldn't break that easily as well... (I am sure that certain brands are known for having speakers that break easily...)

Thank you so much for your time!!!
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  1. For music maybe Creative Inspire T3130.
  2. mosox said:
    For music maybe Creative Inspire T3130.

    Thank you so much! I looked up some review for T3130 and it seems pretty solid.
    Unless I find something better I think I am gonna go with your suggestion.
  3. I personally recommend any product from Altech Lansing. I have a 5.1 Home Theatre of the same. Altech Lansing are the leaders in sound department. I have seen some wonderful 2.1 also such as Altech Lansing VS4121, VS2621. They look awesome on your desktop & are a value for money. Give it a try!!!!!!!!
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