Best HSF under $50? Hate water cooling

I installed my DangerDen MAze3 today, I hate it. First of all, everything is ugly. I set everything up right in front of the computer. And secondly, it just worries me. Water sitting right there and all that...... And its not cooling to much more, tho it is cooler. I decided no water coling for me. I was a really god heatsink fan so I can just turn the comp on like normal and leave it on etc.

Seems like every review I read is different from the other. And when I find something good in all reviews, its actually just a heatsink, Ill have to buy the fan seperate.

Whats a good and highly available heatsink and fan combo? Not looking to spend over $40 tho if its really good Ill go to $50..... Ive been happy with my coolermaster but its way to small for my 2400+ at 2200mhz. Idle at 50C. I dont care, but in the long run that wont be good, and Id like to OC a little more.

Let me know...... And for anyone interested in a Maze3 w/Socket A hold down, let me know. $35 shipped, with a pump.
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  1. Well, I've never been much of a watercooling fan. I did one for a customer and immediately took it off my services list. As you point out it is better, but not by enough to justify the expense, risk and trouble. Even with a good fan on the radiator, you still end up with fan noise, and all to gain 3 or 4 degrees... not my idea of a glory deal and certainly not at the price.

    I've always prefered to stay with a good quality, AMD recommended heatsink like the ones from Spire and Thermaltake. Of course there are others just as good and maybe better out there. With an XP2400+ just about any hybrid sink (copper base, aluminum fins) rated for your CPU is going to give you a decent result. While it's true you can't over-cool these things, idle temps in the mid-40s, full stress temps in the low to mid 50s is about as good as it gets without going into refrigeration.

    FWIW, I've looked at a lot of these cooler reviews. While some coolers perform miserably (like the stock AMD ones), most are within a couple of degrees and trying to make big decisions between them is basically an exercise in hair splitting. The key spec. is "Thermal Resistance" which is a way of stating how many degrees temperature increase will be caused per watt of power, the smaller the number the better. Any sink and fan with a TR of .5 or less should be fine on your CPU.

    On XPs 2000 and above I find these to be quite suitable:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    These are also very good:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Both should cost less than your $50 budget.

    I also suggest you remove the stock thermal pads and put in heat sink grease... Arctic Silver is good, so is the generic stuff Radio Shack sells, there are others just as good. The application instructions for thermal grease are here:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    (use the same method no matter what brand you buy)

    BTW... Don't get taken in by thermaltake's temperature controlled fan, it will probably run constantly at full speed, except when your system is in standby.

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  2. I'd prolly go with an SLK-800. You can get one for 40 dollars or less. Then add an 80mm fan of your choice.

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  3. I tried a volcano 7+ .. i'd recommend to stay away from it. It's really loud. I dunno why all these people recommend it, i thought it was just an expensive piece of crap. I'm using a comp usa heatsink/fan and my idle is around 42C, under load 48C and it's stable, quiet.. so that's all i need. Oh, it was 14.99, haha
  4. I like the Thermaltake Volcano 9, but I'm going for a Thermalright SLK-800 because it is much cooler. I'm going to hook it up to an 80mm Vantec Stealth fan. The thing moves a decent amount of air, and is dead quiet. I might just take the fan/coolmod off my Volcano 9 and hook it up to the SLK-800, just because I like the light show. But we'll see.... Thermalright all the way baby!!!

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  5. Quote:
    idle temps in the mid-40s, full stress temps in the low to mid 50s is about as good as it gets without going into refrigeration.

    Not really. If you can get good enough case cooling within a cool enough room, you can get it much lower, especially if you have a cool running processor. My 1700+ Tbred B is running 1667mhz and idles at 29C, and reaches 34C when under low. I currently have all sides of the case off, with no casefans (its not at all dusty in my room) and an ambient temperature of 22C. Im also running CPU idle 6 which puts my temps down by about 4C.

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