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Has anyone overclocked the XP2400+? Where do you start/how do you do it safely? I'm a rookie and finding it really difficult to find the information.
p.s my MB is Gigabyte GA7VA which has an unstable software overclocking utility. I'd like ot know how to make the change in hardware bios.

Thanks and all the best.

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  1. I got an Asus A7N8X motherboard, so I can't help much with the motherboard issue. As for overclocking, I did some on my Duron. Go into the BIOS and go to the Front Side Bus. Slowly increase the FSB until the CPU becomes unstable. Increase by 2 or 3 MHz. Also, check your CPU temperatures. You don't want your CPU over 60 C. I personnaly prefer under 45 C. Under full load, I run at 40 C. Make sure you got a good heatsink if you plan on overclocking.
  2. Hi ,thanks for the good info - I was able to overclock to xp2600 with ease and no stability problems. The core temp is a healthy 40c but, I will upgrade cooler anyhow. I have another question though:
    When I up the voltage even slightly, the computer runs fine but, won't restart when I do a shutdown/restart from windows XP. Instead it shuts down as normal and then powers the monitor down whilst leaving the computer hung (with both drives lit up).

    Any ideas? Even if I don't overclock fsb and simply increase the voltage slightly I still get the same problem?
  3. What kind of power supply are you using?
  4. I believe its an enermax 350watt (365ep?). I was wondering about the juice - my computer is really loud when I first switch it on (it alsmost sounds like the fan is rising+dropping rpm for the first 5 mins). All started since I added a DVD burner.

    Now the 350 watt is powering a CD RW,DVD RW,Radeon 9700 pro,Net card,2xHDD's,1xFDD,2xfans.

    Is it possible i'm taxing the PS? Should I go for 550w?

    Thanks for all the replies,

  5. That rising and falling sound is probably just a disk you have left in your DVD... Pull it out and it should stop. Fans shouldn't raise and fall in RPM..

    The Enermax should be fine for power... I don't think that's your problem. If you don't already have it, download Motherboard Monitor and install it so you can monitor your CPU voltage. When you manually set your CPU voltage, what did you select? Under "CPU detect" voltage, you may actually have more power to the CPU than when you manually set it and it simply hung for more power.

    I believe the XP2400+ normally runs at 1.65 volts. To overclock, you want to set it up to 1.7 or 1.75... but watch the heat carefully. Crazy people go up over 1.8 or 1.85 volts... but you really can damage your processor at those settings if you're not careful.

    Good luck!

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  6. Yes, I believe the Enermax power supply is not the problem. It may be your BIOS. What BIOS are you running? I would flash the BIOS to the newest version.
  7. My XP2400 is on an Asus A7N8X, and I have taken it from the stock clock of 2.0GHz to 2.3GHz with a standard cooling fan and leaving the processor locked. (156x15 = 2340, set to 1.725V Vcore, HW monitor says 7.3V-7.4V)

    Your Mobo manual should explain how to set the BIOS, and don't forget to keep the RAM in sync with the FSB.
  8. What do you mean keep your RAM insync with the FSB?

    Could you explain please, I have an A7N8X too, so you can refer to options in there for any examples if you wish.

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  9. OK, keeping the memory in sync means this...

    My CPU is a 2400+ which runs at 133x15. My RAM is PC3200 DDR which means that it can run up to 200MHz (which gets doubled to 400 for DDR).

    BUT - Running the RAM at a different speed than the FSB of the CPU will cause delays and bottlenecks which will actually slow your system down.

    So now I Overclocked my CPU, and it runs at 155x15. My RAM, which COULD run at 200, is running at 155MHz because keeping it "in sync" is faster.
  10. But when you're setting the FSB the RAM goes up with it and stays the same anyway (if you keep RAM multiplier perccentage 100%). Do you mean not changing the RAM percentage option?

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  11. is this the dual bios version? dip switched board? if so that mother board/ chipset prob wont support ddr clocked to 200/400 and at present none do that i know of w/o major adjustments and very hi-quality memory. as for your issue of shut down .... as you increase voltage to the cpu you also create heat and if windows locks or the system wont boot then your overclocked to far. esp. in view of the fact that all you seemed to have changed was the multiplier settings of the cpu. as well in doing this you raise over system heat levels. if your has the dips on board make sure their in the correct settings for starts. for more info go here-->
  12. Now this really does make sense. I installed a new case fan and improved air flow within my case. By doing this (after a very cold start) I was able to maintain the new voltage for several boots before the problem manifested itself again. With this in mind then what you say about heat being the problem sounds plausbile. Does the motherboard/bios have a temperature based cut off?

    In any event i've got an SLK800 cooler en-route along with couple of noisy but rumoured excellent delta fans. With these fitted I may just be able to keep things stable - or am I braking up the wrong tree?

    Thanks to everyone for assistance. Much appreciated :)
  13. SLK-800 would definitely be my choice, even before water cooling. That's definitely the diamond tree there.

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