Wireless network adapter for Latitude D610

After installing windows 7 on my Dell Latitude D610, I can't find any wireless network and adapter also. Everything on device manager shows ok. Please give me the link from where I can download the right driver for WiFi for Windowns 7 in D610

Thanking in anticipation
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  1. Which wireless card do you have? If you have the Intel card you can get the driver from Intels website, if you have the Dell card you maybe SOL dell doesn't have win 7 drivers for the d610.
  2. I don't know which wireless card I have. How can I check it? So far I know, both Intel and Dell don't have wireless driver which support D610 for windows 7. Thanks for your response
  3. Use the service tag on dells website and that will show you what shipped with the system. You may have to buy a USB wireless adapter if no driver exists.
  4. Thanks for your kind response
  5. Did you try this one? Seems to be a universal driver base, XP, but if it fails to load try Rt click the .exe file and 'troubleshoot compatibility'
    Sorry, failed to paste link..
  6. thanks
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