Could ya'll help me out?

Hey hey,

I'm down to picking out an Athlon for my following hardware..

mobo: A7N8X
Ram: 2x 256mb DDR333 XMS CL2
Video card: PNY ti4200 64mb
HD: Maxtor 80gb 8mb buffer
OS: winXP Pro

Which of these 3 do you think would offer the best future support on my system listed above.
XP 2500+ Barton
XP 2600+ Tbred 333-FSB
XP 2700+ Tbred

I could really use some help making up my mind :(
Thank you...

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  1. Read the rest of the forum... see all those threads about the A7nx motherboard? Those people aren't bragging! You may want to rethink that purchase...

    The rest of it looks fine.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  2. I like my A7N8X. Lots of other people do, too.

    War Eagle
  3. Change the A7N8X for the Epox 8RDA+

    Change the Video Card for an ATI Radeon 9500 PRO...

    As for CPU......are you or do u ever plan on overclocking ??

    If you DO plan on overclocking than for 100% FOR SURE get the 2500+ Barton..

    if NO overclocking will be done than get the 2700+ Tbred.....

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  4. I got an A7N8X with no problems. I would get the 2700+. It puts out better benchmarks than the 2500+ (if you can find a 2500+). As for the video card, I got a PNY GeForce 4 4200. I overclocked it to 265/535(not much, just started), but it has pretty good cooling on it.
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