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I have a Dell Precision M6500 laptop with a DP port. To this, via adaptor, I connected the hdmi cable from the DirecTV box. Do I still need a PCTV Tuner or is it a software issue in windows 7?
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  1. You still need the TV Tuner card. However, since you are connecting your laptop to the DirecTV box (TV Tuner), you could get by with just a video capture unit.

    -Wolf sends
  2. any brand and/or model recommendations?
  3. for anyone who has this same question, here is the ADM/ATI Tech response:

    "The TVW Digital Cable Tuner is an OEM only product, it was sold to system builders for integration into their systems. Support came from the system builders.

    The first thing to do would be to check with Dell Support to see if they recommend the tuner as an option for the system, Dell Support will be your point of contact for troubleshooting or DirectTV.

    The TVW Digital Tuner will require a cable card from Direct TV as well to run, so check with Direct TV to see what they recommend for accessing their service on a computer. If they do not have a cable card that is compatible with the TVW Digital Tuner you would not process their services. They may have another option for you.

    The TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner was released with Windows Vista Systems. It has since been discontinued. The OEM system builders did release updates for Windows 7 compatibility and you would more than likely require this update. If the device is not coming from a system builder you may have no source for any updates, they are not available from AMD, only the OEM channel."
  4. these are unnecessary i think. my friend sent it to me i am using this and i satisfy
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