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I have a panasonic turns on ,sound is ok .lamps are ok. but the picture takes 20 minutes to show. I have replased all the capasitors on the power board but remains the same. any help please
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    I'm thinking it's the power supply board.

    Remove the back panel and turn the TV on. After approximately 15 – 45 sec the backlight should come on. You will see this thru the little holes in TV metal frame at the back.

    1. If the backlight is on but there’s no picture – it could be either AV processor board or more likely the pixel driver board (or power supply board)

    2. If the backlight does not come on, but comes on after a while, the problem is on inverter board, most likely…

    Remove power supply board first and check for damaged tracks or hot spots. Do the same with inverter board and pixel driver board. I also hope you now how to release little plastic clips that lock ribbon cable (plastic membrane cable) between LCD panel itself and pixel driver board.

    You mentioned you are good with electronics, so have a look inside and measure all the voltages around power supply board.

    You may have hot spot(s) somewhere; increased resistance when cold, but it gradually warms up, and establishes “contact” (expends) when hot, so primarily look for those!!!

    Good luck,
  2. Thanks a million for your help .I had follow your sugestions .and i found that the problem was an ic on the power supply . (ic 100 ) one of the legs of the ic was half way from falling off. there for wasnot making a good contact while it was coold. as soon it warm up it works, but when i tryed to resolder it. it came apart .. so I replased the bad ic and it is working just beuatiful ,.once again tanks for your help
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  4. It's really a pleasure to know that I have helped you somehow. If you have any other problems, just let me know :) I'd be happy to assist you.
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