Need assistance setting up a Sony Bravia HDTV to cable box

Hey folks,

Yesterday, my girlfriend bought the Sony Bravia 32" 1080p TV. She has an Explorer 8300 HDC cable box through TWC. Upon hooking up the HDMI cable to the TV and the cable box, I encounter the message that the input is not HDCP compatible.

I am wondering if this message indicates that the cable box, which does have an HDMI port, isn't set up for HD broadcasts?

With just the coaxial cable plugged in, the picture quality is not particularly good-- about as good, or even somewhat less so (lack of clarity) as that on my parents 25 year old TV with basic cable or on her beat up old CRT TV. Certainly not good enough to justify a $500 new HDTV.

I realize that not all channels are HD, but that shouldn't prevent the HDMI cable from working, should it?

I've never owned a TV or had cable before, so this is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    that website says HDCP is a copy protection scheme in the form of a digital data handshake.

    because you said the error is 'the INPUT is not HDCP compatible'
    that means the television is trying to form a digital handshake with the cable box and the cable box is ignoring the handshake (or not providing the correct response)
    the cable box might need a software upgrade.
    they might give you a different name brand (or a different model) cable box to use.
    they might tell you to use the component output of the cable box.
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