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i have a problem in installing Window 7. Previously i used the Win 7 which was on C drive. After sometime i installed the Window XP sp2 on D drive and after installation and rebooting i am not able to go the Win 7 boot instead its booting in XP only. So in order to repair the WIN7 boot, i inserted the win 7 dics but am not able to boot from the CD/dvd even though BIOS set up was changed to boot from DCD/DVD rom. so i tried the WIN XP cd to check whether its booting from cd and eventually it did and again i formatted the C drive with the same WIN XP sp2 again and now i got two boot visible in the boot manager to select two WINXP only. i want o to install win 7 now but i am not able to install WIN 7 again from the CD/DVD to format the disc. i tried with my freind's system to check whether the win 7 dvd was working fine and in his system the dvd is working fine. Please help me how to format all the disc and i want to install window 7 only on my system but the WINXP is somehow preventing me from installing win 7.
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  1. This may sound like a stupid question, but is your optical drive a dvd/cd drive, or just a cd drive? It seems like it will read the XP cd, but not the Win7 DVD
  2. is dvd/cd drive (both) becoz i installed the win 7 using DVD only.
  3. Also, when doing a daul boot it is advisable to disconect one of the drives.
    ie If you have win 7 on drive 0, and want to install XP on drive 1. First disconnect Drie0 (Win 7).
    This will illiminate the problems that a "SOTWARE" boot menu can cause. Selecting which HDD to boot to is simple.
    (1) Set the Bios Boot priority to the OS most often used, ie windows 7.
    2) Want to select XP, then simply hit the "HOT" key during post to bring up the Boot menu and select HDD with XP on it. For my Gigabyte MB it is F12 and on My Asrock MB it is F11 - so Look in MB manual. This does NOT change boot prioity - so if Win 7 is selected as first in Bios and you select XP during post (as I discribed) rebooting will cause the system to Boot to win 7 unless you again hit the Hot key during Post.

    MUCH cleaner method, than using a software boot menu tat can screw up both drives.

    Cavet: Wich ever drive you boot to will be drive C. If Boot to Win 7, then That drive is Drive C and XP will be drive D, if you boot to win XP then win XP will be drive C and win 7 will be drive D. Additional partitions will effect drive letters.
  4. Hi

    i am not much of techie guy. it now all got messed up. can you please tell me how to format C and D drives to install win 7. both c and d having the same win xp sp2 but when i tried to install win 7 its not booting from DVD. again it going back to OS choise menu to select those two WIN XP only.
  5. 1) are you simply tring to load windows 7, or are you attemping to put wind 7 on one HDD and windows XP on the 2nd HDD.

    2) If Just tring to upgrade to windows 7, and with windows XP on HDD will not let you boot to win7 Installation DVD.
    Try this; Down load Ultimate Boot CD. Will be an ISO so must useISO method to create a Bootable disk - Just do Not copy the file t a cd.
    If you scan down you will find "Partition management" Use one of the programs to DELETE all partitons. You system will have NO option but to boot to DVD.

    If Daul boot, folow the Instructions I provided earlier.
  6. i already installed Win Xp on D drive and the same copy installed in C drive. Now i want to install only WIN 7 in C drive so i need to format both C as well as D becoz i don't want Win XP anymore. so can please give me a solution. Please ready my first thread probably u will understand what i am trying to say. but my Win 7 is not booting from DVD instead booting Win XP again. Pleae hele meeeeeeeeeeee.
  7. Are you totally sure you want to format both drives? You'll lose any data you have on them.
  8. hi

    somehow i managed to format by using winxp cd. i deleted all the old partitions in the set up menu and created four new ones (C, D, E, F) by dividing the space equally and then skipped the installation. But when i tried to install win 7 again its not booting from DVD it goes black screen with a dash line blinking that's it. Windows XP cd is working but why win 7 dvd not working. my dvd drive is compatible for CD also because i installed win 7 previously without any issue and i was using that for a long time until now. please help is there any problem with win 7 DVD or optical drive or is there any way to install win 7?
  9. You can download an .ISO image of the Win7 install disk and then create a bootable thumbdrive to instal from. That's how I got Win7 on my laptop (no optical drive).

    IIRC, the install files were about 2.7 GB so you'll need a thumbdrive of 4 GB or bigger.
  10. hi

    thanks it worked for me. Now i installed the Win7 using USB flash drive thank you very much. But one more clarification. i used the 4GB pen drive and i want use it for my personal things so how i have remove those bootable data in the pen drive. i am not able to delete the data by right clicking delete option or i am unable to format the pen drive. pls help me
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